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Noopept is a synthetic compound developed in the 1990s. It exhibits strong nootropic properties. It positively influences cognitive and intellectual functions as it helps to improve efficiency of memory and concentration. In addition, noopept can enhance mood because it enables better regulation of neuronal activity. Therefore, it ensures better intellectual performance.


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Noopept | GVS-111

Properties: We certainly won’t find noopept in nature because… it simply doesn’t exist there. It was created in the laboratories near the end of the 20th century. So, we might agree that this synthetic compound is quite a new invention. That doesn’t mean, however, that it hasn’t been tested even though it appeared on the market pretty recently. There are numerous scientific articles describing the wide range of properties that noopept offers. And these properties are actually interesting. What exactly are we talking about?

First of all, let’s start with the fact that GVS-111 (which is the original name of this compound) exhibits strong nootropic properties. No wonder that it received a brand name of “noopept”. After all, it combines the most desirable properties of nootropic substances. What is more, it is considered as one of the racetams, sometimes called “omberacetam”, however, this would be slightly incorrect. Even though this compound is similar to racetams in properties, particularly to piracetam, it has a different molecular structure.

It is worth noting that in the human body noopept gets quickly transformed into cycloprolylglycine – an endogenous neuropeptide that naturally occurs in the human body and positively affects cognitive functions. Cycloprolylglycine helps to raise the level of BDNF and NGF – the proteins that have an important role in neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. They are crucial for the production of new nervous cells and more neural connections which is especially important in terms of effective learning. Acquisition of information requires synaptic connections to be reorganized, e.g. in the process of long-term potentiation (LTP). Besides that, noopept stimulates the hippocampus that regulates spatial cognition and facilitates consolidation of memory traces in long-term memory. For these reasons, GVS-111 is a strong support for cognitive functions that are the foundation of learning abilities. 

Difficult test? New course? Or maybe a hobby? Of course, we can learn many things, in different situations. However, in order to memorize and recall information we need certain neurotransmitters. Noopept stimulates the activity of acetylcholine in the nervous system and thus enables efficient acquisition of new facts. There are also claims that it might improve mood and reduce stress symptoms although the exact mechanisms have not yet been identified. Perhaps we will learn more about the properties of this synthetic compound over time because research on its potential uses is still in progress. At this moment we can confirm that noopept is one of the best and most effective nootropic compounds. We definitely recommend it as a support for intellectual performance, memory and focus.

Occurrence: Noopept is not present in nature. It is a compound that was obtained in a laboratory. The first synthesis of noopept was carried out in 1992 by Russian scientists in the Research Institute of Pharmacology, named V. V. Zakusov, of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Biochemistry: Noopept is an organic chemical compound that is classified among racetams. From a technical point of view this classification is not entirely correct because it differs from them in structure. It doesn’t contain a 2-pyrrolidone ring – typical for these compounds. Noopept is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and its bioavailability rates in 99,7%. After ingestion it doesn’t last for long in the organism in its original form. Within 25 minutes it is converted to an endogenous neuropeptide – cyclic glycine-proline – a biologically active metabolite. It easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. In addition, it contributes to the increase of the level of acetylcholine – an excitatory neurotransmitter.  It also has an impact on levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which are responsible for the plasticity of connections among the neurons. This effect is particularly intensive in the area of the hippocampus – a structure related to long-term memory. What is more, noopept has anxiolytic and neuroprotective properties mainly because it fights free radicals.

Fun fact: Noopept is structurally and functionally similar to piracetam – the first compound from the racetam group that was developed in the 1950s. It is considered to be much more efficient than piracetam – effective doses of noopept are estimated to be even 1000 times lower which means that it can provide nootropic properties with lower portions.

How does Noopept | GVS-111 work?

Supports memory and concentration: Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that has many functions in the human body but in regards to neuroregulation the most important is the fact that it improves the speed of information processing in the brain. Optimal level of this neurotransmitter is crucial for cognitive functions, including memory or attention. Noopept is metabolized to cycloprolylglycine – a neuropeptide that stimulates the activity of acetylcholine. Therefore, it supports intellectual performance, e.g. the processes related to memory, logical thinking or language. In addition to that, the results of numerous scientific studies indicate that noopept might exhibit neuroprotective effects. It has been proven that this synthetic compound is able to reduce the activity of glutamate – the main excitatory neurotransmitter. In normal circumstances, glutamate enhances learning abilities. However, when its activity is too intense, it might be toxic for the brain and lead to neurological disorders. By inhibiting NMDA receptors of glutamate noopept supports proper functioning of the nervous system which has a positive influence on cognitive abilities.

Facilitates learning process: Neuroplasticity can be considered a basis for efficient information acquisition. During this process new connections between neurons are established. The results of scientific research have revealed that even one dose of noopept is able to increase the level of compounds that stimulate formation of new nerve cells and connections between them. This synthetic compound modulates the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) – proteins that are crucial for neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Because of that, noopept supports processes that are particularly important in terms of learning abilities. This effect is most significant within the hippocampus – a brain region related to long-term memory.

Supports psychological well-being: Results of scientific studies have proven that noopept positively affects mood. However, the mechanism that leads to that effect is unclear and is still being examined. Scientists suspect that the boost of acetylcholine activity might be important in this context. In fact, an insufficient amount of this neurotransmitter in the nervous system can result in mood deterioration. Besides that, noopept helps to regulate neuronal activity and possibly reduce the negative effects of stress which might be the result of overstimulated nerve cells. In clinical trials, the volunteers who had taken this substance reported an improvement of general mood, better quality of sleep and less feelings of anxiety and other stress-related reactions.

Improves intellectual capacity: One of the molecular targets of noopept are receptors for glutamate – the main excitatory neurotransmitter. By modulating their activity, noopept helps to elevate the level of “mental energy”. In addition, it induces the process of long-term potentiation (LTP) that enables consolidation of new neural connections. The measurable effect of this compound’s activity is an increased intensity of alpha and beta brain wave frequency. Alpha waves indicate that the brain is in the state of relaxation while beta waves show that the brain is ready to acquire and process information. That way, noopept contributes to improved intellectual performance.

Noopept | GVS-111 product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • noopept >99%; pharmaceutical quality
  • red micro-spoon ~10 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Noopept | GVS-111?


  • 10 – 20 mg
  • 1 – 2
  • without food
  • in the morning / during the day
  • 6 weeks of using – 2 weeks of break

How to stack Noopept | GVS-111?

To improve memory and focus:
To facilitate information acquisition:
To improve general mood:
To improve cognitive endurance:

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