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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. What countries are you shipping to?

    We send our products to all the countries from the EU region as well as other countries such as Switzerland or the United Kingdom. In order to make sure that we can deliver a package to different countries, please contact our customer service before placing an order (

  2. 2. Is this product legal in my country?

    We are making every effort to adjust our Original and MAX product lines to the regulations that exist in the EU countries. Please check those regulations, particularly in case of products that are not from Original or MAX product lines or when the shipping address is outside of the European Union.

  3. 3. Can I pick up purchased products in person?

    Our online Swiss Herbal shop provides only remote sales. There is no possibility to pick up an order in person in any of the locations.

  4. 4. Can I get a discount on my order?

    Yes, we have a transparent discount policy. The discounts depend on the cost of your order (without shipping costs). Current discount rates can be found here

    If your orders are small but you buy from us regularly, there is a possibility to generate an individualized discount code based on the number of orders that you place. This offer is also directed to those who would like to start a cooperation and redistribute Swiss Herbal products. You can get more information at

    Occasionally, we publish temporary discount codes on our social media, blog and newsletter. Make sure to follow us!

  5. 5. How should I redeem my discount code?

    You can use your discount code in your shop cart. Under the list of the ordered products there is a “Coupon code” window. Insert the code and then click on the button “Apply coupon”.

  6. 6. Can I use multiple discount codes with my order?

    The discounts offered in our Swiss Herbal online shop do not stack. This means that when you place an order, you can only use one discount code.  However, there is an exception to this rule. The coupons obtained in the SwissCaps™ program can be used with other discount codes.

  7. 7. Can I add more products to an order that has already been placed?

    The fastest way to get more products is to place another order with the products that you want to add. In the order note please specify that you would like to connect this order with a previous one (provide an order number). If you have chosen a prepaid order, the amount of money that you overpay for shipping will be transferred back to your bank account.

  8. 8. How long do I need to wait for my order?

    Typically, we send our products in two days after registering a payment. The total time varies but it usually takes 1-2 days to collect the product from our logistics warehouse and then 1-2 days to send it from our shipping center. In extraordinary cases, e.g. random events, the processing of your order might take a little longer. Keep in mind that shipping will also take some time.

    We always try to do our best to process an order as quickly as possible.

    If those terms are exceeded, please contact our logistics department –

  9. 9. What are the shipping methods?

    International shipping:

    • DHL or DPD Europe Shipping: acknowledgment of delivery. Estimated shipping time: 2-5 working days. Full sum insurance.
    • FedEx Economy International Shipping: acknowledgment of delivery. Estimated shipping time: 2-5 working days. Full sum insurance.
    • FedEx Priority International Shipping: acknowledgment of delivery. Estimated shipping time: 1-3 working days. Full sum insurance.

    Shipping within Poland:

    • DHL Domestic Shipping – acknowledgment of delivery. Full sum insurance
    • InPost Parcel Locker – delivery to a locker of your choice. Full sum insurance.
  10. 10. What is the shipping time?

    The shipping time depends on the chosen form of delivery and the distance from our logistics center to your shipping address. Currently, the orders are delivered from our warehouse to the logistics center in Poland.

    More detailed information about shipping time can be found in the “What are the shipping methods?” section.

  11. 11. What is the delivery cost?

    The costs of delivery for international and shipping methods within the EU and overseas (please note – if the company providing shipping services changes its fees, the presented costs might be updated with a delay, in that case the shipping fee will be a little higher):

    • DHL / DPD Europe Shipping: 16 – 28 EUR (free for orders above 200/250 EUR*)
    • FedEx Economy International Shipping: 44 EUR (free for orders above 400 EUR)
    • FedEx Priority International Shipping: 54 EUR (free for orders above 500 EUR)

    * – free shipping order amount threshold vary depending on the chosen region

    Only within Poland:

    • DHL Domestic Shipping: 5 EUR (free for order above 60 EUR)
    • InPost Parcel Locker: 5 EUR (free for orders above 60 EUR)
  12. 12. Can I speed up the processing of my delivery?

    Trying to speed up a single order would interfere with the whole logistics model – deliveries and the work of our team. We have no possibility to change that. However, we would like to ensure that every order is processed in the shortest possible time which is in the best interest of both the customer and the shop.

  13. 13. Can I speed up the process of package delivery by sending you a proof of payment?

    Payments are registered on the account. Sending us a proof of payment will not speed up the whole process. This kind of proof might be of use only in situations when there is a problem with identifying a payment, e.g. wrong data etc.

  14. 14. Why am I having problems with placing an order?

    If you have completed an order form but still your order is not being placed, check again if you filled out all the required fields correctly. If you did, look again if you have an option “Different shipping address” checked. If this option is checked, you need to provide another shipping address to complete a form.

  15. 15. Where should I choose a parcel locker number?

    Once you choose Parcel Locker as a shipping method, follow the instructions provided on a Checkout page. Make sure to write down your phone number as well as Parcel Locker number (preferred) or a Parcel Locker address in the Additional notes section of the page.

  16. 16. I didn’t provide an address or I provided a wrong address - how can I correct that?

    If you need to correct the details of your order, please contact our order department – In your email message give us your name, surname and order number with the information that you would like to correct.

  17. 17. What payment methods are available?

    Our clients can pick one of the following payment methods:

    • bank transfer in EUR: after placing an order, you will get an email message with information necessary to transfer the payment. Use your 5-digit order number as a title of transfer.
    • Revolut payments – coming soon.
  18. 18. My payment has not yet been registered, what should I do?

    The status of your payment available on our website sometimes requires manual change (e.g. in case of a bank transfer). That is why the update of a status sometimes might be delayed one day or so. It doesn’t mean, however, that your transfer didn’t arrive – it’s possible that your order is already processed, even though the status has not yet been updated.

  19. 19. I still haven’t received my order, what should I do?

    If you haven’t received your order yet, follow these steps:

    1. Check the estimated order processing times (check section “How long do I need to wait for my order to be processed?”)
    2. Check the estimated shipping times (check section “What are the shipping methods?”)
    3. If you sum up order processing time and shipping time and it exceeds the estimated times, you can use a tracking link sent to your email address.  
    4. If the tracking system on the website shows that your package is still being delivered, please contact a shipping company to determine what the status of the package is. If the shipping company exceeded shipping time, contact us (
    5. If the tracking system shows that your package has not been sent, contact our order processing department – In your email message give us your name, surname and order number.
  20. 20. Where can I find the tracking number of my package?

    You can track your package online. After registering your payment, we’ll send you a link to the website where you can check the status of your order. There will also be a link to the tracking system provided by a shipping company that you can use to track your order.

  21. 21. I didn’t pick up my order - can you send it again?

    If the order has been returned because of your fault (e.g. you provided a wrong address or didn’t pick up an order), it can be sent again after you pay for another delivery attempt.

    If the fault was not on your end, please contact our order processing department ( to send your order again. In the email message give us your name, surname and the order number.

  22. 22. Where can I report that I received an incomplete or a wrong order?

    We take measures to process your order in the shortest time possible and according to your needs. On rare occasions there might be mistakes with completing an order or sending a package to the proper address. If you received products other than those you ordered or you didn’t receive all the products, contact our order processing department – In the email message give us your name, surname, order number, list of the ordered products and a photo of your receipt. All the mistakes with the order will be fixed immediately and we will cover the costs.

  23. 23. When can I return my order?

    According to our company policy, it is possible to return a new, unpacked and complete product within 30 days after receiving a package. You can return the products that do not meet your requirements.

    If you have already opened the product container and you have some concerns about it, send it back to us. We will replace it with a new one if the fault is on our end.

  24. 24. How can I return my order?

    Before you return a product, please contact our order processing department to discuss the details of the return (

    The return will be accepted only if the product have not been opened and used (excluding the situations when you file a complaint), this means:

    • the container is intact and not opened
    • the seal on the product container is not broken
    • quantity/mass and type of the product is the same as in order

    The returned product that meets the requirements above can be replaced with another product of your choice (with the same price). If you do not decide to replace that product, you will get a refund sent to your bank account.

  25. 25. How will I get a refund for a returned order?

    The whole payment for a returned order will be sent back to the account from which the bank transfer was sent. The whole procedure of return takes up to 14 days.

    Keep in mind that because of the tax law the refund and order correction can only be processed before closing of a company’s settlement period (during the current calendar year).

    NOTE: In case when you have used a discount code and the total cost of a returned product exceeds the cost required to activate a discount code for a whole order, we lower the refund by the amount of money from the discount. Thus, we suggest contacting our customer service before sending the package to specify the details of a return or exchange procedure.

  26. 26. Who should I contact if I cannot find answers for my questions regarding an order (shipping and payment) here?

    If you didn’t find satisfying answers for your questions in this FAQ section, you can contact our order processing department –

  1. 1. What is the quality of Swiss Herbal products?

    Each Swiss Herbal preparation goes through a two-step quality check. The purpose of this verification is to make sure that the products contain the proper amount of active substances and to check if they have been contaminated (e.g. by heavy metals, pesticides or other dangerous substances).

    The quality of our products is acknowledged by certificates of analysis (COA) that are available to our customers upon request.

  2. 2. What is the expiration date of Swiss Herbal products?

    According to the EU guidelines – the food products can have a maximal expiration time of 2 years (even though many of them do not lose their properties even after a longer period of time). The expiration date of each product can be found on a visible part of the product. They can also be found in certificates of analysis available upon request. If those dates differ, you should follow the date from the product.

    If you have concerns or need a product with a longer expiration date, feel free to contact us at in order to determine if we have a newer product batch in our warehouse. It is also possible to return a product or replace it with the same type of product with a longer expiration date (if there is a newer product batch).

  3. 3. What types of products do you provide?

    Swiss Herbal products are based on high-quality nootropic and health-promoting ingredients of natural (herbal extracts) and laboratory (synthetic compounds) origin. In our stock you can also find product lines:

    • BOX products – comprehensive formulas designed to support a particular aspect of health or neural activity
    • COMPLEX products – well-balanced, multi-component formulas for everyday use
    • MAX products – the strongest formulas in our stock. They are based on unique multicomponent recipes with ingredients that have neuroregulatory and health-promoting effects
    • ORIGINAL products – simplified formulas based of MAX products. They are also highly effective in neuroregulation and provide health benefits.
    • SYNERGY products – products with only two components carefully selected to synergize their effectiveness and expand their range of properties
    • bulk powder products – single ingredients, in a powdered form
  4. 4. Where can I find information about the exact quantitative composition of ORIGINAL and MAX products?

    Due to the protection of intellectual property, we do not provide the exact amounts of particular ingredients. These products are based on unique recipes that are invented by us. They are being prepared to be registered as patents.

    The products from ORIGINAL and MAX product lines are composed in order to have a specific neurophysiological function. If you’d like, however, to know the exact composition of a product that you order, you can check out our SYNERGY products or powdered ingredients.

  5. 5. How should I interpret markings that refer to extracts?

    A lot of Swiss Herbal products available online are provided as extracts. Next to the extract name you can find 2 types of markings:

    • x:z (e.g. 10:1) means that 1 part of an extract (e.g. 1 gram) was made from 10 parts of the whole raw resource (e.g. 10 grams)
    • x% (e.g. 20%) means that an extract is standardized according to the amount of an active compound available in an extract (e.g. information „St. John’s wort extract 0,3%” means that every part of this extract contains 0,3% of the active compound, in this case hypericin)
  6. 6. Are Swiss Herbal products available as capsules or in a powdered form?

    Multicomponent Swiss Herbal products (series: MAX, ORIGINAL and SYNERGY) are available in capsules. Swiss Herbal products that contain only one ingredient are available in a powdered, loose form. BOX products may contain both capsules and bulk powders.

  7. 7. How do you pack Swiss Herbal products?

    Swiss Herbal products are packed in airtight containers, in sterile, laboratory conditions. The capsules are packed in PET bottles with an induction seal. Powdered products are packed in heat-sealed ALU-PET containers with a zip that can be used to close a package. BOX products are additionally packaged in cardboard boxes.

  8. 8. Are Swiss Herbal capsules vegetarian or vegan?

    No, in our capsules there is an ingredient of animal origin – gelatin.

  9. 9. Do you provide measuring tools with powdered products?

    Yes, you can find a measuring spoon in every package of a powdered product. On the packaging and on the web page of a product you can find information about the amount that fits your measuring spoon. The weight is estimated on the basis of 100 trials for a flat measure tool.

    The list of measuring tools provided with Swiss Herbal products:

    • 1-3 mg yellow microspoon
    • 5-8 mg blue microspoon
    • 8-15 mg red microspoon
    • steel measuring tool with a capacity of 0.10 ml
    • steel measuring tool with a capacity of 0.30 ml
    • steel measuring tool with a capacity of 0.60 ml
    • white measure with a capacity of 0.50 ml
    • white measure with a capacity of 1 ml
    • white measure with a capacity of 2.5 ml
    • white measure with a capacity of 5 ml
  10. 10. How should I store Swiss Herbal products?

    The products that you bought should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place, e.g. a cabinet or a locker. Keep in mind that the temperature should not exceed a room temperature, do not expose it directly to the sun. The products can be stored in a fridge, however, products in the form of capsules can be broken that way.

    Every container with Swiss Herbal products (both powdered and capsules) has a moisture absorbing bag. Still make sure that these products are not stored in humid conditions because the bag can absorb only a limited amount of water. Too much moisture can damage the product changing its structure, durability and properties.

  11. 11. When should I expect an “Out of stock” product to be available again?

    Even though we try to make sure that our products are available all the time, sometimes we run out of certain products before a new delivery. In that case you may find information that the product is “Out of stock”. You can add your email in a box “Add to the waiting list”. That way, when the product is available again, you will get an automated email message informing you about it.

  12. 12. I have an idea about a product that you could include in your stock. Would you consider introducing a new product?

    We are open for all your suggestions regarding new products that can be available in our shop. Keep in mind, though, that we have strict rules about compounds that we decide to place in our stock. They have to be thoroughly researched, safe and have significant nootropic properties. If you send us your idea about a new ingredient or a preparation, we will thoroughly check it out and compare it with the newest research data.

  13. 13. Who should I contact if I couldn’t find an answer about Swiss Herbal products?

    If you didn’t find satisfying answers for your questions in this FAQ section, you can contact our product department –

  1. 1. What is the purpose of Swiss Herbal products?

    Swiss Herbal products are made to support proper functioning of the organism, especially neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

  2. 2. How to choose proper products?

    Preparations should be picked in accordance with the neurotransmitter deficits, general health condition, lifestyle, age as well as individual needs and preferences. In order to check the state of your neurotransmitter balance you can use Braverman Test available on our website.

  3. 3. Is it safe to take your preparations with medication?

    We do not recommend mixing Swiss Herbal products with any medication as there might be some unexpected interactions that could disturb proper action of the substances. If you are taking any medication, consult your doctor before using our products.

  4. 4. Can I take Swiss Herbal preparations if I’m sick?

    We do not recommend taking any preparation as a substitute for consulting a doctor or undergoing medical therapy. If you are diagnosed with a disease or you suspect that you might be sick, contact your doctor and discuss the possibility of taking our preparations.

  5. 5. Can Swiss Herbal products be taken by underage people?

    The research on active substances contained in Swiss Herbal products and the recommendations about their usage apply to adults. Any person underage should not take any preparations before contacting their parents and a healthcare professional.

  6. 6. What is the purpose of the Braverman Test?

    The test created by Dr. Eric Braverman has been designed to estimate your neurotransmitter levels. It is based on questions regarding your lifestyle, diet, emotions and the attitudes dominating in your life. The results provide information about 4 key neurotransmitters that are active in your nervous system: dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA. There are two parts of the results section – the first one defines your nature, and the second one is about the changes that occurred in your life.

    After completing the test, you will get a chart showing your natural levels of neurotransmitters and the deficiencies. This information can be used to choose an adequate neuroregulation program that will be aimed to balance the diagnosed disproportions. Experts from the Swiss Herbal Institute can help you to select proper products and prepare an individualized neuroregulation strategy during a consultation service.

  7. 7. How reliable are the results of the Braverman Test?

    The test was created by Dr. Eric Braverman who observed correlation between the behavior of his patients and their brain activity. By gathering data and conducting research he created schemes describing neurophysiological activity of the brain depending on the behavioral reactions.

    The Braverman Test is a tool that includes information about your behavior and is based on your answers. It is important to know because you need to be conscious about your own emotions and devote some time to complete the test thoroughly. The results should be considered a part of an interview that gives an overview on the state of neurotransmitters in your nervous system.

  8. 8. How can I get an interpretation of the Braverman Test and an individualized neuroregulation plan?

    The basic interpretation of the test will be sent to your email address. If you want to receive a full interpretation with an individualized neuroregulation plan, you can order a consultation in our Swiss Herbal Neuroregulation Institute following this link

  9. 9. What is an individualized neuroregulation plan and what is its purpose?

    Individualized neuroregulation plan is designed to help you regain natural efficiency of your memory, intelligence, endurance, strength and many other aspects of your life, including emotional stability. In the following stages, the plan will be focused on improving those aspects. What is important, the plan is constructed on the basis of the Braverman Test results. The main goal of choosing proper preparations is to reduce the identified deficits and other issues that you mention.

  10. 10. What is the right dosage and frequency of administration?

    Every product has a typical dosage written on the packaging as well as in the “Usage” section on a webpage for a specific product. There, you can also find information whether your product should be taken before a meal, during a meal or after.

    Remember that every organism may react differently so be cautious and observe the reactions of your organism. If there are some negative reactions, reduce the dosage or interrupt taking a product at all.

    At the beginning, it is better to start from lower doses – if you get a desired effect with these doses, there’s no need to increase them. Remember that less is better so if you don’t need to increase the dose, don’t do that. However, if your reaction is too intense with the minimal dosage, lower it and adjust to your needs – some people react differently to typical recommended doses. If a negative or intense reaction is persistent, stop taking a preparation temporarily or completely.

  11. 11. How should I take purchased preparations?

    The main guidelines can be found in the description of a product on our website, in the “Usage” section. More information about choosing right doses will be provided to you with the interpretation of the Braverman Test.

    If you have any questions regarding usage guidelines, you can contact us via email

  12. 12. How should I use powdered products?

    Most of our herbal extracts are not water-soluble so in water they create a suspension. Typically, they should be taken with meals so they might be mixed with the food, e.g. a yoghurt, a sandwich or salad. However, keep in mind that with this solution a part of the extract can settle on the plate. It is quite important, especially in the case of stronger extracts that are administered in low doses. 

    The food that you mix your extract with should contain fat (so it shouldn’t be 0% fat yoghurt). The solubility of other products (e.g. amino acids, vitamins, microelements and synthetic compounds) varies.

    You can find more information about using specific products on our website in the “Usage” section of a particular product.

  13. 13. Is it true that substances taken under the tongue work more effectively?

    Placing a substance under your tongue makes it possible to skip a part of the liver metabolism (so-called first pass effect) which might influence intensity and the time when a product starts working. This way of administration might be useful for water-soluble compounds but ineffective in case of fat-soluble products, e.g. extracts and certain vitamins or substances that need to stay in the digestive system to be transformed into an active form, e.g. adrafinil. Keep in mind that information about dosage of every product is adjusted to oral intake and might be inaccurate in case of sublingual administration.

  14. 14. Who should I contact if I can’t find answers for my questions regarding products?

    If you can’t find a satisfying answer in our FAQ section, contact our products department –

  1. 1. What is SwissCaps™ and who is it for?

    SwissCaps™ is a loyalty program created exclusively for the clients of Swiss Herbal Shop. The basic idea is to give Swiss Herbal clients the opportunity to collect points – virtual capsules – that can be exchanged for specific, interesting rewards. And these rewards are not virtual at all! The program is available to all the clients of Swiss Herbal who have their own account registered on our website.

  2. 2. How to collect SwissCaps?

    There are a few ways to get more virtual capsules SwissCaps.

    • Basically, all you need to do is to place an order. For every 1 EUR spent in our shop you will receive 1 point on your SwissCaps account. 
    • For your first order you will get an entry gift of 20 SwissCaps.
    • We value your opinions and that is why we encourage you to leave comments regarding our products. If you post a review on a page of a product that you purchased, you can obtain 10 SwissCaps (with a limit of 5 comments per day).
    • Occasionally there might be special offers for products that will be rewarded with extra points
  3. 3. What is the purpose of collecting virtual capsules?

    SwissCaps is a program that will give you a great opportunity to exchange points for attractive free rewards that you can add to your shop cart on our website. At the moment, as the rewards in the SwissCaps™ program we offer our best-selling Original and Max products in two versions – 30 and 60 capsules.

    Product type Required capsules
    ORIGINAL 30 130 SwissCaps™
    ORIGINAL 60 200 SwissCaps™
    MAX 30 180 SwissCaps™
    MAX 60 300 SwissCaps™
  4. 4. Is it possible to transfer SwissCaps™ points from one account to another?

    No, the points are assigned to the personal user’s account and they cannot be transferred to another account.

  5. 5. How can I exchange my SwissCaps for a free product?

    As you collect a required amount of virtual capsules, you can exchange them for a free product from our Original and Max series of products. But of course, you are welcome to keep collecting the points. Remember, though, that you have 12 months to spend your points. After this time, they will expire.

    If you decide to redeem your reward, you need to follow these instructions:

    • In the main menu at the top of the page select “My account”. 
    • As you enter your account page, choose “SwissCaps” from the menu on the left. In this section you can find the summary of your virtual capsules, the list of all your operations regarding the SwissCaps™ program and the list of available coupons. 
    • In order to unlock one of the rewards click on the button “Unlock” and confirm your choice. You will then receive a unique coupon code that will be available in the “Coupon overview” section on your account. 
    • As you place another order on our website enter the code that you unlocked and click on “Apply coupon”. The product of your choice will be added to your cart completely for free (the price of this product will be subtracted from the total sum).


  6. 6. What happens when I return a product?

    If you return a product, the points acquired for purchasing this product will be taken back from your SwissCaps balance. In other words, after the return, the points for this particular purchase won’t be saved.

  7. 7. Can I undo the exchange of points?

    Yes, if the product of your choice is out of stock or you simply changed your mind, you can write an email at and state that you’d like to resign from your coupon for a free product and get your points back.

  8. 8. Will unused coupon code expire?

    No, only the points expire after 12 months from the moment they were added to your account. The coupon code that you unlocked is available with no time restrictions and you can use it at any time.

  9. 9. Who can I contact if I didn’t find answers for my questions regarding the SwissCaps™ program?

    If you still have questions about the SwissCaps™ program, feel free to contact us at However, we encourage you to check the more detailed terms and conditions of the program that are available at

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