Terms and conditions

This Terms and conditions document outlines general rules and conditions that refer to sales processed by EUGER LTD located in London (UK) with the use of an online shop swissherbal.eu (referred to as: “Online Shop”). It also outlines rules and conditions regarding online services provided by EUGER LTD located in London (UK).


1. In this Terms and conditions document there will be following definitions used:

a) Seller - EUGER LTD located in London (UK); email: info@swissherbal.eu

b) Online Shop or Shop - the websites that Seller uses to provide services regarding online sales, available on the domain swissherbal.eu

c) Product - products available in the Online Shop that can be a subject of a Sale Contract

d) Sale Contract - a distance contract agreement signed by the Seller and the Buyer in line with Terms and conditions

e) Client or Buyer - a person or an entity that is provided with the services or is a part of a sales agreement according to the Terms and conditions as well as current legal regulations

f) Order - Buyer’s declaration of will that leads to signing a Sale Contract, including type and number of Products

g) Terms - the general terms included in this document


1. All information on our Online Shop website is published according to our knowledge and experience. It should not be considered as medical consultations, however, we do suggest to consult the use of our products with a medical professional. We do not take responsibility for actions taken on the basis of information provided on our website. This information can be inaccurate or incomplete. We reserve the right to update all the published data at any time.

2. We make every effort to protect the Clients’ personal data. It will not be shared with any third parties, excluding the situations indicated in legal regulations or when it is necessary to process the order. The content of email messaging will refer only to the Products, orders and our website.

3. We reserve the right to edit and delete the content published on our website and other social media if it’s inappropriate or against current legislation. A person violating those provisions might be blocked by the website’s administrator without prior warning.

4. There might be situations when information about email addresses and IP numbers stored in our database will be used for website maintenance or to improve our service. This information will stay protected and not shared with third parties.

5. The person violating the rules included in Terms and conditions will be charged with all the expenses that we will need to pay in connection to the violation (court fees, postal charges, administrations fees etc.).

6. By creating the account in the Online Shop, Client accepts to receive updates and information about products. That is why during registration we require a current email address.


1. The content of the website is a property of Swiss Herbal Institute LLC located in Lewes, DE (USA) unless stated otherwise. Any use or reproduction of this content is allowed only for private purposes, no profit, with a clear indication that Swiss Herbal Institute LLC is the copyright holder. It is forbidden to use or copy this data for business purposes. Infringement of copyrights, unlawful use of the website content or a Shop’s trademark, might be the subject of legal proceedings.

Website links

1. For the convenience of our users we might place links to other websites but we do not guarantee if they are still up and take no responsibility for their content.

2. We reserve the right to delete the links to our Online Shop published on other websites. Obtaining a consent to publish a link to our Online Shop does not give the right to use our trademark, logo, name or to represent the Shop.


1. This website uses cookie files in order to store information on the computers of its users. By visiting the website you agree to use cookies.


1. After placing an order on our website, you might be able to get samples of some products available in our Online Shop. The number of samples is not limited. We reserve the right to establish the amount and type of samples that will be provided according to their availability and marketing purposes.

Discreet packaging

1. All the packages will be sent in a discreet way which means that it should be impossible to identify the content of the package by other people. On the packaging there is only address information of the sender and receiver.

Buying and ordering

1. The prices available on the Shop’s website are the final retail prices for the Clients. These prices can be changed without a prior notice at any moment. The prices can also be modified by a discount calculated after providing a discount code. During a purchase, the price of an order is the final price.

2. The costs of shipping and packaging are listed separately. In special cases these costs will be determined individually.

3. The orders can be placed by filling an order form available in the Shop. By sending a form you agree to share with us your personal data that is necessary to complete your order. This data is protected and will not be shared unless it is required to properly process the order.

4. The Buyer is obliged to provide all the data required to process an order. In cases when some of the necessary information is not provided, the Seller does not take responsibility for the delays that might occur with order processing.

5. The confirmation of an order will occur after verifying a payment by the Seller. The orders are processed during standard business days, from Monday to Friday. The order will be sent within 5 business days.

6. By placing an order the Client makes an agreement to take responsibility for proper reception of the package by an adult person. Placing an order also means that the Client wants to enter a Sale Contract with the Seller according to the Terms and conditions with the purpose of purchasing and receiving Products added to the cart. The sale contract is concluded in line with the provisions stated in Terms and conditions that are an integral part of the contract. The consent to change the provisions must be written and accepted by the Buyer and an authorized representative of the Seller.

7. If there are any errors during the placement of an order (technical issues, providing incorrect information by the Client), that are not the Seller’s fault, the Seller reserves the right to refuse processing the order.

8. The personal data provided during an order is protected and will only be used to properly process the order. The data, particularly email address, might be used to send marketing information about our products and the newest offers in our Shop.

9. Every order will have an electronic document of purchase and an order card. At the customer’s request, the Seller might provide a VAT invoice.


1. We accept the following payment methods:

a) bank transfers

b) digital payment - Wise, Revolut

2. The payment for the ordered products and shipping fees need to be made before the product is sent with one of the available payment methods.

3. Purchased products will be sent after the Seller accepts the payment.


1. We process orders from the European Union and outside.

2. The available shipping methods and fees can be found on the Shop’s website at https://swissherbal.eu/en/shipping-returns/

3. The delivery time that we provide is an estimate. The Seller is not responsible for the delays in delivery or damage of the package that might occur during shipping. If the order does not arrive within 14 days, the Client should immediately inform Swiss Herbal customer service via email info@swissherbal.eu to take appropriate actions with the shipping company. If the package is visibly damaged during the reception of order, please inform a courier or a delivery person about that so they can prepare a damage protocol.

4. There is no possibility to pick up an order in person.


1. The products purchased in the Shop can be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the day when the Client received the products, without a specific reason. The notice of withdrawal from the contract should be sent via email address to: info@swissherbal.eu within the proper time period, and then the products should be sent back to the address specified in email messages regarding a return.

2. The products should be returned in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging. The costs of return are paid by the Client, unless the return is the result of the Seller’s fault. The right to withdraw from the contract expires after 30 days from the day when the product was received. The date of sending a notice of withdrawal decides whether the return period has expired or not.

3. The Seller will give the Client their payment back for the products no later than 14 days from receiving a return, only if the provisions from points 1. and 2. are fulfilled.

4. The right to withdraw from a distance contract does not apply to the agreements where the subject of the contract is a product placed in a sealed container that should not be returned after opening due to health or sanitary reasons.

Cancelling the order

1. The Buyer has the right to cancel the order within 30 days from the moment the order was placed. If the ordered products have been sent in the meantime, the Buyer should send back the order, following the procedure specified in the “Returns” paragraph.


1. The risk of losing or damaging the products becomes a concern of a Buyer while receiving an order. By receiving the order, the Buyer accepts all the rights and responsibilities regarding the product.

2. The Seller remains an owner of the Product until the Buyer pays the full order fee including the cost of ordered products and a shipping fee.

3. The Buyer is responsible for the safety regarding storing and using the purchased products.

4. The Buyer has no right to sell the product without contacting and getting a consent from the Swiss Herbal representative in the EU, the Seller - EUGER LTD located in London (UK)

Responsibility of the Seller

1. The Seller guarantees that the products ordered in the Shop are consistent with the description available on the Shop’s website.

2. If the Client notices any defects of the purchased products, they should contact the Seller immediately via email address: info@swissherbal.eu. The complaints regarding those matters will be processed as soon as possible, according to the rules. After the Client reports a defect, the Seller will establish the conditions of product return or exchange. The shipping fees will be paid by the Seller according to the terms established in email correspondence.

Violating Terms and conditions

1. Any concerns and uncertainties regarding violation of this document should be stated via email address: info@swissherbal.eu

2. If the Client violates the Terms and conditions, particularly by providing the Seller with false data or not paying for the order in appropriate time, the Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without prior notice.

General provisions

1. By entering the sale contract both parties accept the provisions included in this Terms and conditions document.

2. The Seller reserves the right to transfer the rights and responsibilities resulting from the sale contract to a third party. The transfer of rights and responsibilities of the Buyer to the third party requires a written consent from the Seller.

3. Logos, product names, marketing and information materials, packaging, graphic designs placed on the packaging and the recipes are protected by copyrights and must not be processed, copied or used in violation of those rights.

4. Any disputes arising from the sale contract in the first place will be settled by mediation. If it turns out to be unsuccessful, the dispute might be settled in the court, according to the law of the Republic of Ireland.

5. The company EUGER LTD located in London (UK) is the administrator of personal data.

6. The Terms and conditions enter into force on 02.01.2017. The Seller reserves the right to change the provisions of this document at any time without prior notice.

7. The matters not specified in this document should be resolved according to the law of the United Kingdom.


Terms and conditions of SwissCaps™ program

General terms

1.1. This Terms and conditions appendix regulates the rules of SwissCaps™ loyalty program available for the clients of Swiss Herbal Shop.


2.1. In these Terms and conditions, unless the context specifies otherwise:

  1. “Organizer” means EUGER LTD located in London (UK)
  2. “Online Shop” means the website that Organizer uses to provide services regarding online sales, available at the domain https://www.swissherbal.eu 
  3. “User” means a person that created an account in the Online Shop
  4. “SwissCaps” or “virtual capsules” mean virtual points that are added to the User’s account for certain actions related to the Online Shop
  5. “Reward” means a free product that can be added to the cart by using a coupon code obtained in exchange for the points.

Participation in SwissCaps™ program

3.1. The basic idea of the program is to reward the clients of Swiss Herbal Online Shop for purchases by giving them virtual points that can be exchanged for specific products.

3.2. Every User that has been registered in the Online Shop and has their own account is allowed to participate in the program.

3.3. The participation in the program is completely free of charge.

3.4. The User cannot resign from the participation in the SwissCaps™ program. By creating an account, the User agrees to take part in the program.

Collecting SwissCaps points

4.1. SwissCaps points are awarded for the Users that make certain operations, e.g. purchases, in the Swiss Herbal Online Shop. 

4.2. The points are assigned to the individual User’s account.

4.3. There is no possibility to transfer points from one User's account to another account.

4.4. The User has the possibility to check the current amount of SwissCaps and the list of available Rewards. The User can also exchange collected points for a coupon code that will allow the user to get a free product.

4.5. The points can be obtained in following ways:

  1. For every 1 EUR spent in Swiss Herbal Online Shop the User gets 1 SwissCap.
  2. For every review written on the product page of the purchased product the User will get 10 SwissCaps. There is a daily limit of 5 reviews that can be awarded with points.
  3. For the first order placed in Swiss Herbal Online Shop the User gets 20 SwissCaps. The User can obtain points with this method only once.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to create special promotions and limited offers for the products that will be awarded with extra points.

4.6. If the User decides to return the ordered products (if applicable), the points added for the order will be taken back from the User’s SwissCaps balance.

4.7. The points expire after 12 months from the moment they were awarded to the User. The User is not eligible to demand a refund of the points that expired in line with the Terms and conditions.


5.1. The User can exchange the collected SwissCaps points for unique coupon codes that will allow the User to add specific free products - the Rewards - to the cart in the Online Shop. In the SwissCaps™ program the Rewards are Swiss Herbal products from Original and Max series - available in two versions - 30 capsules and 60 capsules. 

5.2. The user has the right to choose a coupon code for a particular product.

5.3. The amount of SwissCaps required to unlock each Reward is as follows:

Product type Required capsules
ORIGINAL 30 80 SwissCaps™
ORIGINAL 60 120 SwissCaps™ 
MAX 30 140 SwissCaps™
MAX 60 200 SwissCaps™ 

5.4. The Organizer reserves the right to change the list of the Rewards included in the SwissCaps™ program at any time.

5.5. The possibility to unlock a Reward (or Rewards) depends on the amount of points that the User has collected but also on how the User manages their points.

5.6. The Reward that has been unlocked by the User is available with no time restrictions and does not expire.

5.7. The availability of products depends on the current stock levels in the Shop. Thus, if the Reward chosen by the User is not available in the stock, the User may resign from the exchange of points for the Reward and get their points back. In order to resign from the exchange the User should contact the Organizer by writing an email at marketing@swissherbal.eu.

5.8. The User can also ask the Organizer to cancel the exchange of points for no specific reason. To do so the User needs to state that request in an email sent to the Organizer at marketing@swissherbal.eu. After the request is considered positively, the operation will be canceled and the User will get the points back.

General provisions

6.1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the regulations specified in this document at any time.

6.2. The matters not specified in this document should be resolved according to the law of the Republic of Ireland.