We, the Swiss Herbal Neuroregulation Institute, believe that every person has the right to make conscious decisions about their life and set the boundaries for themselves. We’ve spent a lot of time researching neurophysiology of the human body and the methods of regulating it. We believe that the body, the mind and emotions create a whole that sets our individual potential.

Thanks to the holistic approach, based on natural medicine as well as modern research, we designed our own, innovative protocol of diagnosis and therapy. It’s perfect for remote and precise assessment of your needs and predispositions. It also helps to maximize your potential. We’re here to help you in the journey of reaching the goals that you choose. 

Quality of life

Fast-paced life, stress and busy schedule are some of the most significant problems that we face in everyday life.

  • Do you need a bottle of wine or scented candles in order to be in a decent mood?
  • Is the state of relaxation out of your reach like a mythical Atlantis?
  • Are chocolate bars and coffee your main source of energy?
  • Do you need to go deep into your memory in order to find the car keys or a word that you have on the tip of your tongue?
  • Or maybe you want to make the most of your life and break your own limits – just as we do?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, it is very likely that neuroregulation will be beneficial for you. Our mission is to help you to deal with the problems that might limit your natural potential.



Energy is a main source of motivation. You need energy to set new goals and reach for them. It helps you to get up every day and perform your duties. Precise and adequate neuroregulation will help you to reach a level of energy where the only thing necessary to fulfill your dreams will be a decision.

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Your creativity is mainly based on proper functioning of short-term memory. However, all the information, memories and ideas are stored in your long-term memory. Memory is pretty flexible but at some point it starts to decline - especially with age. With a little bit of help everyone can take care of memory and enhance it.

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Relaxation is a natural state of your mind. However, it is really hard to keep inner balance living a fast-paced modern life. High amount of stress keeps the organism under constant pressure disturbing the clarity of mind. In order to get a break and regain peace you might consider getting proper therapy and supplementation.

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Good and stable mood is crucial for creativity. It affects your decisions, behavior, and even cognitive abilities. That is why it is important to take care of your mental comfort and experience new possibilities. You can even reach for things that seem unreachable. All you need is a little bit of desire and our assistance.

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Neuroregulation is a process of restoring balance in your nervous system and optimizing your functioning. The main goal of neuroregulation is a permanent improvement of your psychological and physical abilities. You can achieve that by following an individualized strategy with supplementation, diet as well as mental and physical exercise. It’s not that hard - all it takes is your decision. Take those 4 simple steps to get a new better life.

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