Check “Current discounts” and stay updated

There you will find the most affordable offers, including new products, seasonal specialties and items with an expiration date shorter than 3 months, yet the same quality as brand-new products. The prices are lowered at least 15% and of course you are welcome to lower it further with discount codes.

Bigger orders = higher discounts


It is the best way to take advantage of our attractive wholesale discounts. They include all the products from our offer, even the “Current discounts”. Below you will find a table of discount codes with corresponding shopping tiers.

If you exceed the number from a particular tier, feel free to use a proper code when placing an order. The total cost will be lowered according to the applied discount.

* – free shipping order amount thresholds may be higher (250 EUR / 500 EUR) depending on the chosen region

Order cost Discount Code
over 200 EUR* / over 400 EUR*
free EU shipping / free worldwide shipping
over 250 EUR -5% CUT5
over 500 EUR -10% CUT10
over 1000 EUR -15% CUT15
over 2500 EUR -20% CUT20

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Start collecting SwissCaps™

The capsules can be obtained in various ways:

  1. For every 1 EUR spent in our shop you will get 1 virtual capsule. Keep collecting until you are eligible to exchange your capsules for an ORIGINAL or MAX product of your choice.
  2. Get ready for a fresh start! You get 20 points for your first order in Swiss Herbal Shop.
  3. We’d like to know what you think about our products. And because of that, writing a review on a product page of a product that you purchased will get you 10 capsules. However, remember there is a limit – you can get points for up to 5 reviews daily.
  4. There will be limited offers for products that will give you extra points.

When you collect a required amount of capsules, in your user account you’ll find a notification that you are eligible to choose one of the available free products. After choosing your reward, you will get a coupon code allowing you to add the product to your cart completely free of charge.

If you want to learn more about the program, feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Product type Required capsules
ORIGINAL 30 130 SwissCaps™
ORIGINAL 60 200 SwissCaps™
MAX 30 180 SwissCaps™
MAX 60 300 SwissCaps™

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