Publications 1 August 2023

When we hear about collagen, it’s possible the first thing that comes to mind is aesthetic medicine. Nicknamed the "elixir of youth", it is indeed very popular among people fighting the external signs of aging. And true, who wouldn't want to feel eternally young and attract attention in their middle age? One of the major signs of aging is the destruction of cartilage tissue and the weakening of bones. And in these cases, collagen does not do badly. Having protective properties, collagen secures cartilage tissue from destruction. It may also reduce inflammation and help with joint pain. Moreover, when paired with calcium, it can effectively lower blood levels of proteins that contribute to bone destruction. You may wonder, though, is that all?

Publications 28 June 2023

Since childhood, we have been taught that humans are mostly composed of water. And it absolutely makes sense since it is estimated that this substance makes up roughly 60% of our organism. Within these water management systems of the human body, the brain ranks first: supplying only 1/50th of body weight, it receives 18 to 20 percent of circulating blood. The water balance in the body has its own warning systems, so in situations when any organ needs an increased supply of fluid due to intense stress, the organism will alert us.

Publications 1 March 2023

Electronic sports (or “esports” for short) is a term that refers to competitive video gaming. Esports tournaments often attract players and teams from all around the world, and the prize pool can be a significant incentive for them to compete at a high level. In addition to the prize money, players and teams can also earn sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other forms of revenue from their success in esports. Therefore, it is not surprising that professional esports players spend many hours each day practicing, studying the game, and strategizing with their teammates. To perform their best, some gamers decide to take ergogenic substances, like dietary supplements or psychostimulants.

Publications 15 November 2022

Medical marijuana becomes more and more popular as an alternative way to treat multiple ailments. Simultaneously, CBD oils and cannabis cosmetics are getting as precious as gold. Well, not really. But you probably get the point… What is it about this plant that attracts so many people? What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana? What does science have to say about the therapeutic potential of 'weed'? Sit tight because we have the answers for you!

Publications 19 September 2022

Black and bitter? White and sweet? Iced or rum-spiced? Americano or latte? In its many shapes and forms, coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks all over the world. Most people consume it to decrease mental or physical fatigue while increasing productivity. But many of them are perhaps unaware of the rich story hidden in each cup of coffee. So let us have a look at the origins of this drink, its modern production process, and last but not least - the scientific validation of its effects.

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