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SCHISANDRA + GOJI is an adaptogenic recipe rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both ingredients of this composition offer excellent support for the process of detoxification while increasing both physical and intellectual capacity. This herbal formula has a beneficial effect on the liver and helps to regulate the cholesterol level in blood. Noteworthy, it may help to maintain a good condition of the eyes.


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The synergistic composition of Schisandra chinensis with Goji berries has been known to natural medicine practitioners of the Far East for millennia. As adaptogens, those two ingredients support the overall stamina of the body and its ability to cope with difficulties – of both physical and mental nature. Schisandra chinensis by itself is a strong antioxidant which additionally supports the functioning of the liver and the immune system. Goji berries also exhibit antioxidant properties and strengthen natural defense mechanisms of our body – primarily they support natural immune reactions in the fight against infections, however, their immunostimulating potential is much broader. Scientists are even investigating their possible application in the therapy of cancers! When combined, both components exhibit anti-inflammatory effects but also facilitate breakdown of toxic substances and protect the liver cells from damage. What is more, they have been found to reduce the feeling of tiredness which might give a slight boost of energy. Additionally, they support healthy sleep and soothe the symptoms of stress so they have a positive effect on the general condition of body and mind. However, the most unique property of this recipe is the influence on eye condition and the quality of vision. First of all, Schisandra helps to protect the retinal macula, a spot in the retina in which our visual perception has the highest sharpness, against harmful effects of UV radiation. Secondly, many people who supplement this traditional recipe report an improvement in the resolution of their visual perception and the wider visual field. Of course, no herb can fix vision defects and make one’s vision sharp like a full HD picture, even powerful Schisandra. However, this herb will certainly help to maintain a good condition of the eyes.

SCHISANDRA + GOJI is a synergistic composition that offers comprehensive everyday support for the entire organism. Importantly, it helps to take care of the condition and functioning of the liver but also protects the eyes and improves the quality of vision, especially when it gets darker. Therefore, it is especially recommended to elderly people, as well as those under a lot of stress, people who perform intense intellectual effort, or those working in dim light.

Ingredients of Schisandra BioSynergy™ formula:

Schisandra chinensis
  • extract 9% schisandrins (400 mg / 2 caps.)
Schisandra sinensis, known as five-flavored berry, is an adaptogenic herb. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, it is as popular as ginseng. The active substances present in S. chinensis regulate the activity of mitochondria and the adrenergic system, which supports both physical and intellectual performance. Natural compounds of Schisandra stimulate acetylcholine activity which affects intellectual efficiency, attention and memory capacity. They also protect the kidneys and liver from damage caused by free oxygen radicals. At the same time, schisandra supports regeneration of hepatocytes - the cells that build the liver.
Goji | Lycium barbarum
  • extract 50% polysaccharides (500 mg / 2 caps.)
Goji berries are known for their antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. The active substances found in Goji effectively neutralize free oxygen radicals, which, in excess, can be harmful to the fragile cellular structures of the organism. Those substances also stimulate the immune system, which helps to prevent infections and cancer development. It has been proven that Goji berries help to regulate sugar levels in blood, which also influences metabolic processes. Health-promoting properties of Goji are possible thanks to a polysaccharide complex.

SCHISANDRA + GOJI formula benefits

Improves general health condition: As adaptogens, Goji berries and Schisandra chinensis benefit the entire organism. The first ingredient helps to control the cholesterol level and change its proportions in favor of HDL, considered to be a “good” type of cholesterol. In this way, Goji berries support the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and other disorders of the cardiovascular system. Schisandra, on the other hand, helps to lower the level of cortisol – also known as the “stress hormone” – and thus improves our ability to stay centered, even in tough circumstances. Interestingly, this herb induces quite an unusual effect. Namely, it supports eyesight because it contains a compound called zeaxanthin that is able to protect the retinal macula against damage caused by UV radiation. Other biologically active substances found in Schisandra sinensis also facilitate adaptation to the dark and improve visual acuity.

Improves antioxidant activity:  Both Schisandra chinensis and Goji berries are known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their excellent effects on the liver, especially in terms of improving its cleansing abilities. These ancient insights have been confirmed by modern scientists who have proven the beneficial effects of both ingredients on detoxification. Schisandra supports the production of glutathione – one of the strongest natural antioxidants. In this way, it helps to eliminate free radicals that might have a destructive influence on many cellular structures, including hepatocytes. Goji berries also exhibit antioxidant potential and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, both ingredients help to protect the liver, and Schisandra chinensis additionally supports its regenerative capacity. These effects combined will keep this organ in good condition and, as scientists have shown, can be especially beneficial for the elderly people.

Supports the nervous system: The traditional use of Schisandra chinensis extract and Goji berries has a solid scientific support. The results of multiple studies have shown that both extracts stimulate the process of neurogenesis – the production of new nerve cells. Therefore, they enhance cellular regeneration within the nervous system and provide valuable support in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. What is more, they are able to intensify neuroplasticity which is basically the brain’s ability to strengthen and modify connections between neurons. This process is fundamental for acquiring, storing, and organizing information in long-term memory. Additionally, Schisandra chinensis contains active compounds that stimulate the activity of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter crucial for optimal information processing. Taking all these effects together, this synergistic recipe supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and thus improves cognition, particularly in regard to memory and attention.

SCHISANDRA + GOJI formula specification


  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[900 mg / 2 caps.]
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with food
  • during the day/ before bedtime
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

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