Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis

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Schisandra chinensis is an adaptogenic herb valued by the masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine – for centuries it has been used to increase physical and mental endurance. Schisandra improves blood flow and helps to provide oxygen to the cells. It also protects the liver and facilitates detoxification. On top of that, it helps to deal with stress and… improves night vision!


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Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis

Properties: Wu Wei Zi – „five flavours berry” – is how the Chinese commonly name this unique fruit. Indeed,  when we consume it, we can sense the sweetness of its skin, sour and resinous flavour of its flesh, and finally – the salty and bitter taste of its seeds. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the taste is actually responsible for the effect on various body organs: kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, and spleen. Although classical Chinese perception of the human body differs quite a lot from the one we are used to, this classification does make some sense – even according to Western doctors.

Traditionally, the fruits of schisandra chinensis have been used to support the general performance of the body, especially during the periods of demanding work or exhausting travels. Modern research evidence indeed confirms this effect and shows that the supplementation of schisandra extract does reduce the feeling of tiredness.  As we can figure out, this is related to the improved functioning of the cardiovascular system – the heart,  and the increase of tissue oxygenation – the lungs.

What is more, multiple scientific studies have proven that the consumption of schisandra fruits helps us to maintain the health of the liver. Biologically active compounds it contains protect this important organ,  support its functioning, and enhance regeneration. Therefore, our organism is able to expel toxins and dangerous metabolism waste products much faster.

We are left with kidneys and spleen. Here it is harder to find a simple connection, but let us recall the Chinese definition of these organs. In TCM kidneys are referred to as „the root of life” and „the embryo of creation”. Thus, both Yin and Yang begin here. Spleen is coordinating and supporting all other organs. Given the adaptogenic properties of schisandra chinensis, it is no wonder that Chinese doctors attributed it an influence on these organs. Looking from the Eastern perspective it becomes clear how schisandra supplementation increases stress resilience and makes falling asleep easier. After all, relaxation is nothing else but the state of inner comfort. When all the organs of the organism are well cared for,, we might reach exactly that state.

Occurrence: Schisandra chinensis is a perennial climber from the Schisandraceae family.  It is characterized by bright yellow fruits – berries – clustered in bunches that look quite like grapes. Naturally, it occurs in the northeastern part of China and in some areas of Russia (e.g. Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories). There, it can be found in the moisty areas nearby rivers, as well as in the mountainous forests where it forms thickets.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) schisandra has been used for millennia. Its fruits are appreciated for their toning and rejuvenating properties that increase immunity and stamina. Schisandra has been consumed during exhausting journeys, and in the states of weakness or disease. Drinking schisandra tincture has been claimed to protect from scurvy and tone the entire organism. This famous plant has been first mentioned in the scripture “Shen Nong Ben Tsao” written around 3000 BC by a Chinese patron of farming and medicine, one of the Three Greatests – Shennong.  However, its full description appeared only in the year 250, and is contained in the oldest Chinese pharmacopeia written during the Han period. In ancient China, schisandra was important enough to be a good gift for the Emperor.

Biochemistry: The substances to which Chinese citrus owes its properties are primarily lignans. Chemically, they belong to the group of phytoestrogens, i.e. plant hormones. Among them, there are: schizandrins (A, B and C), schizandrols, schizanders and gomisins. Some of the more important ingredients are also essential oils, mainly: citral, limonene, and karen. In addition to them, schisandra also contains: dicarboxylic acids (including malic acid, tartaric acid and succinic acid), pectins, phytosterols, phospholipids, carotenes, tocopherols, catechin tannins, sugars, sugar alcohols (mannitol and sorbitol), cyclic dipeptides and triterpene saponins. In addition, citrinus also contains micro and macro elements (zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium) and vitamins (C, E).

Fun fact: The supplementation with schisandra fruit extract improves the eyesight – even at night! Thus, it should be no surprise that this plant was included in the diet of the Soviet air force during the Second World War. It helped their eyes to adapt to darkness and widened the visual field in these demanding conditions.

How does Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis work?

Improves physical performance: Schisandra chinensis is considered an adaptogenic plant that strengthens the organism under difficult environmental conditions. Scientific results show that its active compounds decrease the feeling of tiredness. Clinical tests demonstrated that sportsmen who supplemented the extract of this plant had increased physical performance. Schisandra supplementation also benefits the cardiovascular system as it strengthens the condition of the heart and blood vessels thereby improving blood circulation. This is why bodily tissues, including muscles, receive oxygen and nutrients faster. All these effects combined ensure that workouts – even the most demanding ones – become easier.

Supports the nervous system: Results of scientific research show that schisandra’s bioactive substances increase the activity of acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is crucial for information processing in the brain and for associating new pieces of knowledge with already known facts. Thus, supplementation with schisandra positively impacts memory and concentration, which enhances learning. Schisandra extract helps to keep the nervous system in good condition by protecting the nervous cells from oxidative stress and premature dying. It also supports the process of neurogenesis during which new neurons are created but also facilitates making connections between the cells (neuroplasticity). Numerous studies confirm that taking schisandra might be effective in preventing neurodegeneration diseases.

Improves the condition of the liver: Traditional Chinese medicine professionals often refer to S. chinensis as the “liver tonic”. Similarly, the results of modern scientific studies demonstrate that schisandra helps to keep the liver healthy and supports its functioning. As it turns out, it stimulates the production of glutathione – one of the strongest known antioxidants. In this way, it prevents hepatocytes from damage exerted by free radicals. What is more, it accelerates the regeneration of liver cells after exposure to viral infections or toxins. The liver is so important because it metabolizes chemical compounds that could put the entire organism in danger. Therefore, by supporting this organ schisandra helps to detoxify the body. 

Supports a good mood: In traditional herbalism of the East, schisandra was prescribed to those who suffered from stress-induced insomnia. Modern scientific studies have shown the legitimate basis of such treatments. Their results have demonstrated that schisandra’s bioactive compounds decrease the stress response significantly. For example, they cause a measurable drop in the level of stress hormone – cortisol. Scientists have also documented the impact of S. chinensis on the activity of dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is secreted during the stimulation of the brain reward system and thus it is related to the sensation of pleasure. Serotonin, on the other hand, is widely known as the “happiness hormone” because it’s mainly involved in maintaining our physiological well-being. On top of that, it plays a role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm. In sum, schisandra supplementation can support our mental health very well – especially in challenging times.

Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • extract from the fruits of Schisandra chinensis (>9% lignans)
  • steel measuring tool 0.60 ml ~ 400 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis?


  • 400 – 800 mg
  • 1 – 3
  • with food
  • during the day
  • 6 weeks of using – 2 weeks of break

How to stack Schisandra extract 9% | Schisandra chinensis?

To enhance stamina:
To support the nervous system:
To support the liver:
To improve mood:

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