Cassia oil is a precious ingredient that has been used in natural medicine systems of China and India. It has a distinctive, sweet aroma with a strong spicy note that helps to calm down but also stimulates the senses. In herbal medicine it is widely used as a remedy for colds and other upper respiratory tract infections. Cassia oil supports regeneration of the skin and gives it a younger and healthier look.


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Cassia essential oil | Cinnamomum cassia

Traditional use: Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices used in cuisine all over the world. It is extracted from the dried bark of the Cinnamomum trees. There are many plants of this type, however, some of them are more interesting than the rest. One of those unique trees is Cinnamomum aromaticum, known as cassia or Chinese cinnamon. It has quite a rich history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine but it didn’t exist solely in China. In the Old Testament, there is information about a calming aroma of cassia, and since not so many herbal ingredients were mentioned in this holy book, it makes cassia even more famous. 

There are many health-promoting properties of cassia but it’s worth focusing on how cassia oil influences the skin in a positive way. It supports regeneration and provides the skin with a better look reducing wrinkles and other imperfections. It also improves coloration and unblocks pores. In natural medicine, cassia oil is used to strengthen the immune system because it has antibacterial properties and prevents inflammation. The oil is a great addition to aromatherapy for a relaxed sleep. Some people mix it with lavender oil for that reason. Women, on the other hand, will certainly appreciate the fact that cassia soothes the symptoms of menstruation issues, e.g. cramps and hot waves during menopause.

Occurrence: Cinnamomum cassia, known as Chinese cinnamon, is a tree from the Lauraceae family. It reaches up to 10 or 15 meters in height. The bark is a little rough and sticks out. It has semicircular, grey strips 25 cm long and 5-25 mm wide. The leaves of cassia are 10-15 cm long and their shape resembles the shape of an egg with a little spiky ending. They are usually green but at the beginning the color is red. The leaves of cassia are a little longer and more narrow than the leaves of Cinnamomum Zeylonicum that is used to produce cinnamon in Europe. The yellow-green flowers have long pedicels. The cassia tree produces a fruit in the form of a stone fruit.

In nature, cassia occurs in the southern and south-eastern parts of Asia. The first crops of this plant were localized in southern China. Currently, it is also cultivated in countries such as: Indian, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The oil available in our stock is extracted from the organic crops in Vietnam.

Biochemistry: The substances to which cassia owes its properties include: cinnamaldehyde, 2-methoxy cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, eugenol and linalool.

The oil available in our shop is produced with a method of steam distillation from the bark of Cinnamomum cassia. Thanks to that every drop is optimally condensed and has an aroma bouquet unique for this plant.

Fun fact: The powdered cassia bark is used to produce sweets, snacks and beverages. It is necessary to create cinnamon liqueur, American cinnamon whisky or rakomelo – a specific type of brandy produced in Greece.

How does Cassia essential oil | Cinnamomum cassia work?

Facilitates learning: The distinctive aroma of Cassia oil is able to stimulate not only appetite, but also the mind. Research results have shown that it improves brain performance, supports memory, especially spatial memory, facilitates learning, reduces reaction times and improves information processing. Scientists believe that its active ingredients can increase the levels of dopamine and acetylcholine – brain chemicals crucial for cognitive abilities. Dopamine is responsible for the ability to focus attention, working memory as well as energy and motivation. Acetylcholine, on the other hand, determines the speed of signal transmission in neurons, but also controls focus and efficient functioning of memory, particularly its associative type. These two spheres of neural activity are vital for mind sharpness.

Supports a good mood: During studies, it has been established that inhalation with Cassia essential oil can enhance the sense of well-being. Scientists suggest that active compounds found in this oil increase the activity of serotonin. This neurotransmitter, known as the happiness hormone, is responsible for feelings of mental well-being. It has also been proven this oil reduces the activity of the HPA axis involved in cortisol release. It’s worth remembering that cortisol has important functions in the body, but it also causes many adverse symptoms of stress. Therefore, Cassia essential oil can be helpful in facilitating relaxation and improving mood.

Supports immunity: Experts of natural medicine value Cassia essential oil as a remedy that provides support in the fight against infections. The active compounds contained in the oil inhibit the growth of different bacteria species and viruses. They also have an astringent effect on mucous membranes, which might be particularly helpful for e.g. a runny nose or sore throat. They can also mitigate fever and inflammation. They are able to do this by inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and stimulating the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Scientists are currently researching these properties in the context of treating inflammatory joint diseases.

Relieves menstrual discomfort: In Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries Cassia has been used as a remedy for painful menstruation and irregular menstrual cycle. The results of contemporary studies show that there is a basis for such an approach. The active compounds contained in Cassia essential oil improve blood circulation in the whole body. This can bring a pleasant and relaxing feeling of warmth. Combined with anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce muscle pain. Besides that, Cassia oil may alleviate other symptoms associated with menstruation and PMS: fatigue, headaches, bloating, nausea as well as painful cramps. Its intriguing fragrance, along with stress-reducing effects, relieves irritation, improves mood and helps to relax.

Cassia essential oil | Cinnamomum cassia product specification

  • natural essential oil
  • 100% extract from the bark of cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum cassia)
  • glass bottle with a dropper containing 10 ml / 30 ml / 50 ml /100 ml / 2×100 ml of oil (depending on a chosen variation)
  • seal ring on a bottle
  • netto weight: 10 g / 30 g / 50 g / 100 g / 2×100 g (depending on a chosen variation)
  • aromatherapy
  • neuroregulation
  • natural medicine
  • cosmetics, perfumes
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Cassia essential oil | Cinnamomum cassia?

  • add 3-5 drops to hot water and spread it evenly
  • add 2-3 drops to the carrier oil
  • add 3-5 drops to hot water
  • add 3-5 drops to an aromatherapy diffuser
  • adjust the quantity to reach the desired aroma note
  • use accordingly to the procedure

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