Poria cocos is a distinctive fungus species actually popular in China and Japan. It is known as a comprehensive support for immunity and physical condition of the body. It improves digestion, acts as a diuretic, and facilitates proper blood circulation. It also brings benefits for the nervous system condition as well as cognitive functions, including memory and concentration.


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Poria extract 20:1 | Poria cocos

Properties: Poria cocos is one of the most interesting mushrooms that are commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Due to its excellent health-promoting properties, Poria helps to increase the defensive potential of the body and improve its overall vitality – just like many other mushrooms used in natural medicine. It enhances the secretion of cytokines, which allow immune cells to efficiently transmit information to each other. The active substances contained in Poria cocos have also been proven to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and stimulate the natural mechanisms by which the body finds and eliminates degenerated cells. This is particularly important because these cells can promote the development of cancer, posing a serious threat to the healthy ones. Therefore, Poria extract can be a great support in cancer prevention and therapy. Research in this area is still ongoing, yet it is worth conducting further studies to identify more mechanisms by which this mushroom is able to stimulate immunity so effectively. However, the preliminary results of the studies are interesting and suggest that the intuitions of natural medicine practitioners actually make sense. 

The wide range of Poria’s health properties includes supporting the proper functions of the cardiovascular system. Indeed, the results of scientific studies indicate that the active compounds found in this species contribute to lowering the total cholesterol level. This way, they prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels, promoting proper blood flow. In addition, they improve fat metabolism, making Poria extract a valuable support for weight reduction. Importantly, they also bring benefits for the functioning of the liver and kidneys – organs that play a huge role in the context of cleansing the body. Thanks to their efficient work, toxic substances and unnecessary metabolic products can be neutralized and then removed from the body. It has been proven that due to the presence of numerous active compounds, P. cocos extract protects both the liver and kidneys from the destructive effects of toxins and certain germs. And thanks to its diuretic properties, Poria facilitates the removal of excess water from the body and prevents swelling, while stimulating detoxification. At the same time, it supports the activity of natural antioxidant compounds, thus helping to ensure the good condition of the body cells and counteracts skin aging.

It is also worth noting that Poria extract can benefit the functioning of the nervous system on many levels. There is evidence that the substances found in the mushrooms of this species enhance the process of neurogenesis, i.e. the production of new nerve cells. In addition, they help to increase the activity of acetylcholine in the brain. As one of the main excitatory neurotransmitters, acetylcholine improves communication between neurons, and largely supports cognitive functions, including memory and concentration. The antioxidant properties of Poria are also important in this context, as free radicals promote faster degradation of neurons. And since the active substances of this mushroom counteract oxidative stress, they support the proper work of the brain. And if that wasn’t enough, they have a positive effect on mood. This is because they increase the activity of serotonin, dopamine and GABA – brain chemicals that help to maintain a positive attitude and a high level of stress resilience. Therefore, it is pretty evident that Poria extract is a good way to improve well-being – both physical and mental.

Occurrence: Poria cocos is a fungus from the Polyporaceae family. It is a saprotroph and feeds on dead wood, often pine trees. It grows similarly to the European truffle, producing edible underground sclerotia, which resemble coconut in appearance. They can weigh up to 1 kg and reach a diameter of 30 cm. They are soft and flexible inside, with a sweet and slightly bland taste. Sclerotia dried in shadow are the main resource used in the countries of the East, primarily China and Japan.

Biochemistry: The two main groups of active compounds present in Poria are triterpenes and polysaccharides. Among the former are lanostane, secolanostane and eburican derivatives. They include tramethenolic acid, dehydrotramethenolic acid, eburic acid, pachymic acid, tumulose acid or poricoic acids. Among polysaccharides, compounds belonging to beta-D-glucans are the most important. In addition, Poria cocos also contains glycoproteins, ergosterol, hyperin, choline, histidine, amino acids and potassium salts.

Fun fact: Poria has been known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2 000 years. Experts believe that it has the ability to remove moisture (Shi) from the body and supports the Qi energy of the spleen. For this reason, it is a highly valued raw material, included in many formulas used in natural therapies.

Poria extract 20:1 | Poria cocos benefits

Supports the immune system: The results of numerous scientific studies show that the polysaccharides and terpenes contained in Poria extract may be useful in the fight against cancer. During in vitro tests, they inhibited the growth of cancer cells and promoted their death. Scientists speculate that these compounds disrupt angiogenesis (the formation of blood vessels within the tumors) and show a cytotoxic effect, inducing apoptosis. It’s possible that they also activate the natural mechanisms by which the immune system fights abnormal cells. Indeed, Poria cocos extract has been shown to dynamically regulate the secretion of cytokines, including IL-1, IL-6 and TNF, by which immune cells communicate with each other. This intensifies the immune response to factors such as abnormal cells or pathogens. Simultaneously, it prevents the excessive spread of inflammation, which has been confirmed in clinical studies.

Improves stress resilience: Poria helps the body to cope not only with the attack of pathogens, but also with the effects of stress. The results of scientific studies have proven that the pachymic acid contained in this mushroom increases the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps the mind to calm down. Pachymic acid improves the concentration of an enzyme involved in the production of GABA, as well as the concentration of subunits that build receptors for this neurotransmitter. Scientists speculate that it also interacts with these receptors, intensifying the effects of their stimulation. It has also been shown to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters responsible for good mood, feelings of pleasure, energy and motivation as well as mental well-being. Moreover, Poria cocos may improve the quality of sleep. This is because it facilitates falling asleep, makes sleep more durable and extends its total time. In addition to that, this extract can promote the NREM sleep phase, during which the body regenerates most efficiently.

Supports recovery of the nervous system: The biologically active compounds present in Poria are beneficial to a good brain condition and function. They have been shown to help with neutralization of beta-amyloid, which is believed to be one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease, at least when it deposits in high amounts. They facilitate the neutralization of free radicals, thereby reducing oxidative stress. This is probably why they mitigate inflammation in the central nervous system and inhibit the premature death of neurons. They also increase the level of BDNF, a compound that stimulates neurogenesis, i.e. the formation of new nerve cells. In addition, they support cognitive abilities. This is because they have been shown to stimulate the expression of the enzyme that catalyzes the production of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter essential for proper memory and concentration. They also increase the concentration of receptors for this neurotransmitter. This way, Poria cocos supports the regeneration of the nervous system and the functioning of the mind.

Improves general vitality: Poria cocos comprehensively supports the entire body. It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, so it benefits the prevention of atherosclerosis. This mushroom induces energy conversion of adipose tissue, which not only helps to maintain a healthy figure, but also prevents fattening of internal organs. Results of studies with animal models have proven that it regulates blood glucose levels, so it may be a potential remedy to reduce the effects of insulin resistance and diabetes. It shows beneficial influence on the gut microbiota, which is important not only for proper digestion, but also for the smooth functioning of the immune system. Poria prevents the loss of bone mass and osteoporosis, and that might be especially significant for women entering menopause. It protects the liver and kidneys from damage caused by certain toxins and infections, enhancing the detoxification process. Moreover, it supports a healthy condition of the skin due to antioxidant effects, but also it reduces discoloration. All these properties combined make Poria a wonderful choice for good overall health.

Poria extract 20:1 | Poria cocos specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • Poria cocos 20:1 fruiting bodies extract (30% polysaccharides)
  • 0.60 ml steel measuring tool containing ~450 mg of extract (depending on the batch)
  • airtight ALU-PET foil bag with a desiccant packet
  • nutrition
  • neuroregulation
  • natural medicine
  • product manufacturing
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

Poria extract 20:1 | Poria cocos usage


  • 400 – 800 mg
  • 1 – 3
  • with food or without food
  • during the day
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

Poria extract 20:1 | Poria cocos stacking

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