Polyporus (Polyporus umbellatus) is a species of edible mushroom that became particularly popular in natural medicine. It is valued primarily for its cleansing properties. It helps to rid the body of excess water and supports the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys. Besides that, it enhances the capability of the immune system, and has a beneficial effect on brain health.


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Polyporus extract 20:1 | Polyporus umbellatus

Properties: Polyporus is one of the most prominent examples of a healthy mushroom. It shows numerous benefits due to a high content of polysaccharides, mainly beta-glucans. For this reason, since centuries it has been successfully used by Traditional Chinese Medicine experts. In herbal therapies, it is especially valued as a natural remedy for detoxification and strong immunity.

Among different properties of Polyporus, one of them is particularly noteworthy! This mushroom is able to reduce excess water thanks to diuretic effects, but also helps to mitigate swelling caused by water retention in the body. Its active compounds are also an excellent support for the proper work of the liver and kidneys – organs that play a key role in the context of neutralizing toxins and removing unnecessary metabolic products. The results of studies prove that substances contained in Polyporus protect both of these organs from the effects of harmful compounds, which the kidneys and liver have to deal with quite a lot. What’s more, it helps to reduce oxidative stress. Its active compounds enhance the production of glutathione, which is one of the most potent natural antioxidants. That way, umbrella polypore protects the body cells from the harmful influence of free radicals. This is of great importance for the good condition of the entire body, including the nervous system. This is because oxidative stress has been shown to induce premature death of nerve cells. Therefore, by inhibiting reactive oxygen species, Polyporus supports the proper work of neurons. It is also quite significant that active compounds of this mushroom stimulate the release of acetylcholine – one of the main neurotransmitters that regulates the transmission of signals between nerve cells, and thus largely supports cognitive function.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that Polyporus effectively strengthens the immune system in the fight against various infections. In fact, so do many other mushrooms used in natural medicine. Its active compounds stimulate the production of white blood cells, such as macrophages and lymphocytes that are necessary for the body to effectively defend itself against various threats. Besides that, thanks to scientific research, it has been proven that active compounds contained in polypore inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, but also enhance the immune response to abnormal cells. Therefore, intensive research is being conducted on the potential of this mushroom in cancer prevention, yet the preliminary results of these scientific inquiries are already promising.

Occurrence: Polyporus umbellatus is a fungus from the family of Polyporaceae. It is mainly found in deciduous forests of Asia, Europe and North America, where it grows on roots of beech, oak and maple trees. Its fruiting bodies reach a size of 10 to 50 cm. It consists of a fleshy, branched base (sclerotium), multiple stems and hats, forming a spherical structure. The caps are irregularly shaped and have a scaly, fibrous, suede-like surface. The scales are dark, brownish-gray or yellow, sometimes even brown. On the underside of the cap there are straw-yellow tubes, running far down to the stem. The flesh of Polyporus umbellatus is whitish and does not fade when damaged. In young fruiting bodies it is crisp, in slightly older ones it is fleshy, while in the oldest ones it is somewhat fibrous. Its smell is reminiscent of dill, and its taste – of walnuts. Sclerotia, when dried and powdered, are a valuable herbal resource.

Biochemistry: Among the active compounds isolated from the Polyporus umbellatus, two groups are of particular interest: steroids and polysaccharides. In the steroid group there are e.g. ergosterol, polyporusterones, acetosyringone or polyporoids. Polysaccharides primarily include beta-glucans. In addition, the mushroom contains long-chain fatty acids, anthraquinones, nucleosides, cerebrosides, terpenoids, nicotinic acid (vitamin B3), ferulic acid, D-mannitol, succinic acid, as well as the minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper.

Fun fact: Polyporus is an edible mushroom, considered one of the best delicacies in culinary arts. However, it is rarely found in Europe in its natural habitat. This is partly due to the shrinkage of areas with old and stately trees – as only they can become hosts for this mushroom.

Polyporus extract 20:1 | Polyporus umbellatus usage

Supports the immune system: Scientific studies show that the active compounds of Polyporus may prevent the development of cancers. During in vitro tests and using animal models, they were proven to inhibit the growth of human cancer cell lines. They have cytotoxic effects on some of their forms and prevent their proliferation. These compounds have also been shown to enhance the immune system response to abnormal cells or pathogenic microorganisms. They increase the number of macrophages with B and T lymphocytes as well as the cytotoxic potential of Tc lymphocytes and NK cells. They also stimulate B lymphocytes to produce antibodies. In this way, they help to protect the body from infections and from the uncontrolled development of its own abnormal cells.

Removes excessive water: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, polypore has been used for centuries to rid the body of unnecessary water. Modern scientific research has confirmed that its biologically active compounds increase urine production. This effect is probably related to an increased release of sodium, potassium and chlorine ions, while the balance between sodium and potassium in the body remains. Polyporus umbellatus affects the levels of hormones that influence urine production. Removing excess water from the body helps to normalize blood pressure and might be beneficial in hypertension. It can also reduce swelling caused by accumulation of water, which is advantageous for a healthy appearance.

Supports detoxification: It’s obvious that the liver and kidneys are extremely important. After all, it’s the liver that neutralizes dangerous substances that enter the body. The kidneys, on the other hand, remove unnecessary metabolic products and regulate electrolyte balance in the body. Because of their functions, these organs are particularly vulnerable to damage. The active compounds of Polyporus protect the liver and kidneys from the effect of certain toxins and infections, helping them to maintain good efficiency and functions. Moreover, this mushroom contains substances with strong antioxidant properties. In particular, they effectively neutralize superoxide and hydroxyl radicals. It also stimulates the production of glutathione – the strongest natural antioxidant produced in the human body. This way, it helps to protect cell structures from damage caused by free radicals.

Improves the condition of the nervous system: The beneficial effects of polypore also extend to the central nervous system. The results of scientific studies, including those conducted with humans, prove that the biologically active compounds it contains accelerate brain recovery from damage. Experts speculate that this effect might be due to the fact that they are capable of alleviating inflammation, which, when excessive, disrupts cell and tissue regeneration. They also remove free radicals that cause oxidative stress and can lead to premature death of nerve cells. It is also important that this mushroom helps to regulate blood pressure and blood flow in the vessels supplying the brain. This allows greater amounts of oxygen and nutrients to reach the neurons. There are also reports that polypore can regulate the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that controls cognitive functions, including memory and attention. It thus contributes to improved brain condition and performance.

Polyporus extract 20:1 | Polyporus umbellatus specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • Polyporus umbellatus 20:1 fruiting bodies extract
  • 0.60 ml steel measuring tool containing ~450 mg of extract (depending on the batch)
  • airtight ALU-PET foil bag with a desiccant packet
  • nutrition
  • neuroregulation
  • natural medicine
  • product manufacturing
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

Polyporus extract 20:1 | Polyporus umbellatus usage


  • 400 – 800 mg
  • 1 – 3
  • with food or without food
  • during the day
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

Polyporus extract 20:1 | Polyporus umbellatus stacking

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