Cedarwood oil has a distinct woody, balsamic aroma with sweet notes. Its rich fragrance introduces an atmosphere of deep relaxation, which is why in aromatherapy this oil is especially valued as a support for mental comfort, lower anxiety and a healthy, regenerating sleep. In natural medicine it is often used to strengthen immunity and stabilize the work of the endocrine system.


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Cedarwood essential oil | Juniperus virginiana

Traditional use: Cedar is one of the most long-lived trees, and its wood is extremely resistant to damage. Perhaps this is why cedarwood essential oil is widely used among aromatherapy enthusiasts who are inspired by the strength and longevity of this tree. Traditionally, cedarwood oil is used to support the fight against infections. The active compounds it contains are able to stimulate natural immune responses of the body, so that pathogenic microorganisms are neutralized with greater efficiency. In addition, this oil helps decongest the upper respiratory tract during a cold, as it facilitates expectoration of lingering secretions and relieves coughing. At the same time, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair, so it is often used as an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. It soothes skin ailments, especially acne lesions and dandruff. It works well for both dry and oily skin, giving it a healthy appearance full of natural radiance. The warm, woody scent of this oil brings peace and harmony. It helps to reduce stress and muscle tension, so it’s great for a gentle, relaxing massage. It can also prove helpful in the fight against insomnia. Thanks to its calming properties, this oil makes it easier to fall asleep and helps the body to recover effectively during sleep.

Occurrence: Red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), also known as Virginia juniper, is an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family (Cupressaceae). It naturally occurs in the eastern part of North America, where it grows to a height of about 40 meters and lives up to 300 years. The oldest tree of this species comes from West Virginia in the US and is more than 940 years old. Cedar is also cultivated in Europe, although the trees growing on this continent reach smaller sizes. The crown of red cedar is slender and shaped like a cone or column. Attention may be drawn to the cones of the juniper, which take on a purple color when they ripen and look similar to blueberries.

Biochemistry: Virginia juniper contains many chemical compounds that are responsible for its distinctive aroma. Among them, the most significant are sesquiterpenes, including: thujopsene, alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene, alpha-copaene, cedrol, alpha-selinene and widdrol.

The oil available in our shop is obtained by steam distillation with cedar wood from trees grown in the southeastern states of the US. Thanks to that, each drop contains an optimal concentration of active ingredients and a unique aroma.

Fun fact: In the United States, the wood of the Virginia juniper is used to make pencils. The hard part of the trunk (heartwood) is best suited for this purpose. In the 1940s, the number of trees of this species drastically decreased, so now pencils are more often produced from other types of cedar, including California cedar.

How does Cedarwood essential oil | Juniperus virginiana work?

Supports a good mood: Aromatherapy experts recommend cedar oil as a valuable support for chronic stress and lowered mood. Its effectiveness in this field is confirmed not only by a long tradition of use, but also by the results of studies with an animal model. When used in aromatherapy, it has been proven to stimulate the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter crucial to well-being and balanced brain function. By increasing the activity of this “happiness hormone,” it improves well-being and helps one to feel better.

Helps with insomnia: Sleep problems often stem from an inability to calm the nervous system and relax. Cedar oil may provide a solution to this problem. This is because it increases the activity of serotonin in the central nervous system, thus making it easier to calm jangled nerves and relax tense muscles. It also increases the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the proper diurnal rhythm. Thus, cedar essential oil makes it easier to fall asleep and increases efficiency of recovery during nighttime rest.

Supports the immune system: Cedarwood essential oil contains numerous antimicrobial substances. They inhibit the growth of many bacteria and fungi. As a result, they protect the body from infections and relieve the white blood cells, which – not having to fight an excess of pathogens – can take care of other aspects of the body’s health. Cedar oil is also useful during infections, especially those involving the respiratory tract. This is because the active compounds present in it have been proven to soothe coughs and facilitate expectoration. In addition, this oil is excellent for uncontrolled inflammation. This has been confirmed in clinical trials, in which it brought relief to volunteers suffering from arthritis.

Improves overall vitality: Cedar oil helps not only to feel better, but also look better. It is proven to have an astringent effect on the skin, soothing skin irritations and imperfections. It effectively fights acne by eliminating the bacteria responsible for it. It also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. In addition, it facilitates detoxification, e.g.  by stimulating urination, with which the body leaves all sorts of toxins. Ladies will certainly appreciate its ability to support hormonal balance. This is because it may be helpful in the regulation of menstrual cycles and the alleviation of discomforts accompanying menstruation, such as muscle cramps and lowered mood.

Cedarwood essential oil | Juniperus virginiana product specification

  • natural essential oil
  • 100% extract from the wood of red cedar (Juniperus virginiana)
  • glass bottle with a dropper containing 10 ml / 30 ml / 50 ml /100 ml / 2×100 ml of oil (depending on a chosen variation)
  • seal ring on a bottle
  • netto weight: 10 g / 30 g / 50 g / 100 g / 2×100 g (depending on a chosen variation)
  • aromatherapy
  • neuroregulation
  • natural medicine
  • cosmetics, perfumes
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Cedarwood essential oil | Juniperus virginiana?

  • add 4-5 drops to hot water and spread it evenly
  • add 3-4 drops to the carrier oil
  • add 2-3 drops to hot water
  • add 4-6 drops to an aromatherapy diffuser
  • adjust the quantity to reach the desired aroma note
  • use accordingly to the procedure

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