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SKULLCAP + RESVERATROL is a unique composition of Baikal skullcap extract and resveratrol – one of the strongest natural antioxidants. Together, they provide effective protection against pathogens such as viruses or bacteria. What is more, they support the functioning of the cardiovascular system and help to stay in shape.


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Baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) received its name for a reason. Since centuries, it has been known as a shield against all sorts of pathogens. Today, it is scientifically proven that the active compounds found in the root of baikal skullcap have similar properties to resveratrol. Namely, they prevent the development of harmful microorganisms and stimulate the white blood cells to work harder. So they act as if “on two fronts”, reducing the enemy’s forces and supporting the ranks of defenders. Noteworthy, resveratrol regulates the intensity of the immune response and therefore limits the spread of inflammation. Both compounds in this composition have beneficial influence on the cardiovascular system too. By improving the circulation in blood vessels, they ensure proper nourishment of all bodily cells. The supplementation with skullcap and resveratrol also helps to maintain a healthy figure because this combination supports metabolism while simultaneously inhibiting the accumulation of new adipose tissue.

Ingredients of Skullcap BioSynergy™ formula:

Skullcap | Scutellaria baicalensis
  • extract with 80% of baicalin (300 mg / 2 caps.)
Scutellaria, commonly known as skullcap, is a plant that comes from North-Eastern Asia. In ancient China it has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for infections but also in order to treat ailments of the digestive system, asthma or allergies. Roots of skullcap contain up to 20% of biologically active flavonoids. Skullcap extract primarily supports GABA activity, bringing better sleep and improving stress resilience. It has also been proven that skullcap stimulates the immune system to fight incoming threats such as harmful pathogens but it also shows anti-inflammatory properties. Over time, modern research studies prove the effectiveness of more and more traditional skullcap uses.
Resveratrol | Polygonum cuspidatum
  • extract with 50% of resveratrol (500 mg / 2 caps.)
Resveratrol is an organic compound from the group of polyphenols with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What is important, resveratrol protects the nervous system from harmful factors, such as the influence of beta-amyloid. It also helps to reduce free oxygen radicals by stimulating the production of glutathione - the strongest natural antioxidant that is produced in the human organism. Resveratrol is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system, facilitates weight loss and improves physical endurance. All of these effects improve the general condition of the organism. The main source of resveratrol is the root of Polygonum cuspidatum plant.

SKULLCAP + RESVERATROL formula benefits

Supports the immune system: Many studies have been performed to establish the influence of baikal skullcap and resveratrol on the immune system, both in vitro and in animal models. The results leave no doubts: these compounds successfully support immune response against bacteria and viruses. Both limit the development and spread of pathogens and resveratrol, additionally, stimulates the functioning of whilte blood cells while preventing the inflammation from overspreading. On top of that, both ingredients upregulate the functioning of lymphocytes T which play an important role in removing abnormal cells.

Supports the cardiovascular system: It has been proven that resveratrol relaxes the blood vessels, especially the coronary vessels. In this way, it improves the blood circulation and improves the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Combined with the baikal skullcap, it decreases blood clotting which also helps to improve blood flow, especially in smaller veins and arteries. Additionally, Scutellaria baicalensis reduces the permeability of capillaries decreasing the likelihood of edema and petechiae formation. The active ingredients of S. baicalensis also help to normalize the blood lipid profile as they contribute to a change in the proportion of individual cholesterol fractions in favor of the “good” HDL cholesterol. As a result, they support the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Benefits sleep quality: Baikal skullcap contains biologically active compounds that activate GABA receptors. This neurotransmitter is responsible for winding down the central nervous system and the entire organism. Thus, it helps to relax and calm down before the nocturnal rest. For this reason, the baikal skullcap extract is an effective support in the fight against insomnia, especially caused by excessive nervous tension and stress. Results of clinical trials confirmed that baicalin – the main compound found in this herb – extends the duration of both slow-wave sleep and REM phases promoting an effective regeneration of both body and mind.

SKULLCAP + RESVERATROL formula specification

  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[800 mg / 2 caps.]
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with a meal
  • during the day / before going to sleep
  • 6 weeks of using – 2 weeks of break

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