Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum

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Milk thistle is known mostly for its hepatoprotective effects – it efficiently supports the functioning of the liver and protects it from damage. Moreover, it strengthens the digestive tract, especially in terms of the fat metabolism. Perhaps less known, yet also important, are its antiviral and immunoregulatory properties or its ability to improve the condition of the skin.


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Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum

Properties: In recent years milk thistle’s popularity as a “liver supplement” has visibly grown. But how does this plant protect such an important organ like the liver? Are there any other health benefits that come from supplementing it?

If our goal is to improve liver functions or simply to take better care of this important “detoxification center”, milk thistle is really the best supplement to choose. The extract of this plant has anti-inflammatory properties and it prevents toxins from entering the cells of the liver, thereby protecting them from damage. However, if some cells are already damaged, milk thistle also strengthens their regeneration and prevents the development of fibrosis or other health-threatening changes. So, regardless of the current condition of the liver, it makes sense to support it from time to time with milk thistle. But these are not all the benefits that come along with its supplementation!

The extract of milk thistle has an influence on our fat metabolism. It stimulates the production of bile, thereby facilitating the digestion of fat. This also reduces the feeling of heaviness that often is an “aftertaste” of a fatty meal. Moreover, it downregulates the production of cholesterol, which leads to the drop in its blood level. On top of that, supplementation with milk thistle might improve the skin condition. Although this might seem counter intuitive, this feature is also related to the ability of S.marianum to regulate how the organism deals with fat. This is because sebum is synthesized from fat cells by special skin glands. Its composition and the health of skin glands both play a crucial role in the general health of our skin as well as its external appearance. As mentioned – the extract of milk thistle regulates the entire lipid metabolism, including the secretion of sebum. Thus, by improving the condition of sebaceous glands, it benefits our looks too. 

Generally speaking, all the secretions produced by our body are in a way pretty important. Some of them, like sebum, have protective and nurturing properties. Others, like tears, can carry a huge emotional value. Yet, there is only one of them that easily leads to awkward situations – those gaseous, “aromatic” byproducts of the digestive process. Multiple experiments proved that milk thistle supplementation successfully diminishes their production, which helps to take care about the atmosphere at home, at work, and virtually everywhere else.

Last but not least, active compounds found in S.marianum can block the proliferation of flu viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms. This plant also has the ability to inhibit excessive activation of the immune system (such as in case of allergies). The research in this direction continues. Another line of studies targets the question whether milk thistle can support the process of losing weight. Thus, there are multiple reasons to include it in our daily diet – not just for the liver.

Occurrence: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an annual plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean Basin, but since it has high endurance it grows all over the world. By looks it resembles the thistle plant, however it can reach even 2 meters in height, so it is often called a “magnificent thistle”. Milk thistle has distinctive leaves with very thorny edges covered with white spots. Thanks to this pattern that resembles spots of milk spitted on the leaves – that’s why it is named “milk” thistle. The leaves grow on a thick, straight stem, which is topped with a purple flower placed in a basket. When the plants mature, the whole baskets are manually harvested, dried and then the seeds (achenes) are extracted. They are the raw herbal material used to produce the supplement. 

The seeds of milk thistle have been popular already in the Antique times, mostly thanks to their ability to relieve liver ailments. They were first mentioned in the book “Historia Plantarum”, written between 350 BC and 287 BC by a Greek philosopher Theofrast Of Eresos. However, milk thistle gained its peak popularity only in the Middle Ages. The healer Hildegard of Bingen has written about it in her epos “Physica” published around 1151–1158. The inhabitants of the Middle East were also aware of the milk thistle’s health benefits. This plant is still being used both in Ayurveda (Indian folk medicine) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Biochemistry: The milk thistle seeds owe their beneficial properties mainly to silymarin. This term describes the complex of flavonolignans (derivatives of flavonoids), which include: the most active silybin, silychristin and silidiamine. Apart from them, the seeds also contain: essential oil, quercetin, proteins, sugars, fats, mucilages, flavones, phenolic glycosides, phytosterols, micro- and macroelements (copper, selenium and zinc) and vitamins (B2, D, C, K, and E). Milk thistle has also been shown to be a source of histamine.

Fun fact: Milk thistle used to be treated as a common vegetable. Its leaves were often added to salads, similarly to spinach. The flowers of the plant, in turn, are similar to small artichokes. These days however, milk thistle is mostly available in the form of powder, and thus can be easily used as a spice.

How does Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum work?

Protects and regenerates the liver: The liver is an incredibly important organ. It metabolizes substances that could otherwise harm the body. For that reason the liver’s good condition is crucial for the health of the entire organism. Thanks to its antioxidant activity, silymarin helps to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the liver cells. It also prevents toxins from entering these cells and on top of that has anti-inflammatory properties. In damaged hepatocytes, it stimulates repair processes and prevents fibrosis. As a result, milk thistle extract supports the health of the liver and thus helps to detoxify the body.

Helps to control body weight: Optimal functioning of the liver is a key aspect of maintaining the body healthy and being fit. This is because this organ plays a role in regulating the fat metabolism. Silymarin, the main active compound found in milk thistle, stimulates the functioning of the digestive system. Among others, it increases the secretion of bile and improves the digestion of lipids. Moreover, milk thistle stabilizes the blood glucose level, preventing its sudden changes. In such a way, it reduces the occurrence of binge eating. Thus, maintaining a diet regime becomes easier. The results of scientific studies, including clinical trials, have shown that milk thistle extract can be helpful in weight reduction.

Regulates the immune system: Silymarin has a wide spectrum of immunomodulatory properties that influence the activity of the immune system. Research evidence suggests that active compounds found in milk thistle can inhibit the development of some pathogenic microorganisms, such as flu virus. They stimulate the production of white blood cells that defend the organism. Simultaneously, they limit the spread of inflammation that could damage tissues. Scientists are investigating the application of milk thistle extract in therapy of autoimmune diseases.

Improves general health: It is proven that silymarin helps to reduce the production of cholesterol. Thus, its total blood density decreases, while also the proportions of its fractions change in favor of HDL (“good” cholesterol). As a result, it inhibits the accumulation of this compound in the walls of blood vessels and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which are one of the causes of thrombosis and coronary heart disease. By regulating the body’s lipid balance, milk thistle also influences the composition of sebum produced by the skin and normalizes the work of the glands that produce it. It also slows down the process of keratinization of the epidermis, inhibits the formation of inflammation within the skin, and neutralizes free radicals that contribute to damage in its cells. In sum, the milk thistle extract effectively improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • extract from Silybum marianum (>80% silymarin)
  • steel measuring tool 0.60 ml ~ 500 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum?


  • 300 – 600 mg
  • 1 – 3
  • with food
  • during the day
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

How to stack Silymarin extract 80% | Silybum marianum?

To support the liver:
To facilitate weight loss:
To support the immune system:
To improve general health condition:

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