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NEURO-ADEK™ COMPLEX is a comprehensive support for physical and mental balance. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that will help to take care of bones and improve natural immunity. They can also prevent chronic fatigue and premature aging, while enhancing endurance with regenerative capacity of the body. On top of that, this composition provides benefits for mood and well-being.


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NEURO-ADEK™ COMPLEX formula properties

NEURO-ADEK™ COMPLEX is a vitamin complex designed to provide significant support for vitality every day. It is based on high-quality ingredients that are essential for the proper functioning of the whole body. This preparation consists of vitamins and minerals that have been selected with a main idea of improving wellness. They have a positive effect on the condition of bones, joints and eyes, but also strengthen the immune system. They can be a decent support for mental health since they influence production of neurotransmitters that are key for a good mood. Besides that, our composition benefits physical performance, reducing fatigue and increasing strength as well as endurance. Thanks to vitamin E and other important substances, it helps to maintain a good condition and appearance of the skin.

Ingredients of NEURO-ADEK™ Complex formula:

Calcium | BioCalcium™
  • 160 mg of ionic calcium / 2 caps. (20% RDA)
Calcium is one of the micronutrients that are crucial for the proper functioning of the human organism. It regulates the permeability of cell membranes, controls acid-base balance and also facilitates signal transmission between neurons. Besides that, iron supports the functioning of the heart, blood flow and muscle contraction. Keep in mind that this element is crucial for the bones as it makes them more durable.
Iron | BioFerrum™
  • 20 mg of ionic iron / 2 caps. (200% RDA)
Iron is a chemical element that belongs to the group of microelements. It has an important function as it transports oxygen from the lungs to all bodily tissues. Iron is also necessary for proper muscle fiber development and the functioning of the immune system. Besides that, it is a crucial cofactor for the enzymes that participate in the production of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin.
Vitamin A | Retinol
  • 16 000 UI / 2 caps. (600% RDA)
Vitamin A provides multiple health benefits. It stimulates the production of collagen, and thus helps to maintain a good condition of the skin, hair, nails as well as bones and joints. It is also crucial for the proper functioning of retina photosensitive cells as it takes part in the synthesis of rhodopsin - a protein that is necessary to receive visual stimuli. Besides that, vitamin A has a positive influence on the immune system and exhibits nootropic properties.
Vitamin D3 | Cholecalciferol
  • 4 000 UI / 2 caps. (2000% RDA)
Vitamin D3 is particularly known for its beneficial influence on calcium and phosphorus levels as well as bone mineralization. It is also necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system and hormone production, e.g. synthesis of testosterone. It has been proven that vitamin D3 exhibits neuroprotective properties and significantly supports the nervous system. It might be used to improve mental comfort and general well-being.
Vitamin E | Tocopherol
  • 72 UI / 2 caps. (400% RDA)
Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant - it neutralizes free oxygen radicals and protects the organism from oxidative stress. It has also been proven to support the immune system in the fight against infections. Vitamin E helps to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis as it improves cholesterol resistance to oxidation and therefore prevents fat plaques from building up in the walls of blood vessels. In addition to that, tocopherol has a beneficial influence on the skin, hair and the nervous system.
Vitamin K2Mk7 | Menachinon
  • 150 mcg / 2 caps. (200% RDA)
Vitamin K has many functions but most importantly it is necessary for blood coagulation and proper mineralization of the bones. It is also crucial for mitochondria that produce energy in the cells. Research indicates that vitamin K might be an effective support for cancer prevention and general vitality as it neutralizes defective cells and reduces oxidative stress.

NEURO-ADEK™ COMPLEX formula benefits

Supports the immune system: The results of numerous scientific studies have proven that vitamins A, D3 and E have a positive effect on the immune system. The first one takes part in activation of many genes that are essential for natural bodily defense reactions. In addition to that, vitamin A improves the condition of mucous membranes that form a physical barrier able to stop viruses and bacteria from entering the body. Vitamin D3 stimulates production of cathelicidin – a naturally-occurring substance from the group of peptides that destroys microbes as it is released by white blood cells. Vitamin E is also important for the immune system because it stimulates multiplication of lymphocytes that get activated in response to infection. Iron has a supporting role in that regard since it participates in the production of cytokines that act as mediators in communication between the immune cells. This vitamin is also an ingredient of enzymes that are used to fight pathogens threatening the organism.

Improves physical performance: Numerous scientific studies indicate that supplementation with iron prevents symptoms such as chronic fatigue or apathy. This element is mainly involved in transportation of oxygen to the cells, allowing the key metabolic processes to occur. It is also an ingredient of myoglobin – a protein that builds skeletal muscles and helps to store oxygen reserves that can be used during more intense physical effort. Vitamin D3 helps to increase the amount of testosterone that gets synthesized. This hormone has an anabolic effect and stimulates development of muscles. What is more, cholecalciferol, together with calcium and vitamin K, improves bone mineral density, strengthening the skeletal system and making it more durable.

Supports a good mood: Vitamin D3 and iron are essential cofactors of tryptophan hydroxylase which is an enzyme that transforms tryptophan into 5-HTP – a direct precursor of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for mental comfort and resilience. On the other hand, the proper amount of vitamin E and iron is crucial for tyrosine hydroxylase that changes tyrosine into L-DOPA – a direct precursor of dopamine. It is worth noting that dopamine is also an important part of psychological well-being. Lowered activity of those two neurotransmitters may lead to significant mood deterioration. Vitamins E and D3 as well as iron participate in production of these essential brain chemicals. Moreover, calcium supports the release of those neurotransmitters to the synapses which is particularly important for the proper activity of serotonin.

Improves vitality: Of course, vitamins and minerals are necessary to maintain a good condition of the nervous system but they basically affect the entire organism. Calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K are all known for their beneficial effect on the bones and joints. That is why those compounds are particularly important for people struggling with osteoporosis. Additionally, calcium helps to control body weight as it stimulates expression of genes related to the breakdown of fatty tissue. Retinol is a key component of good eyesight and it’s because this substance participates in the synthesis of rhodopsin – a protein that occurs in the cells of the retina and plays an important role in processing visual stimuli. Tocopherol has a great influence on the condition of the skin. It has been shown that vitamin E can improve its hydration and elasticity. Vitamin K, on the other hand, helps to delay processes related to aging since it stimulates cellular metabolism and supports recovery of the body.

NEURO-ADEK™ COMPLEX formula specification


  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[2 caps.]
  • Calcium (as Calcium glycinate) – 160 mg | 20% RDA
  • Iron (as Iron glycinate) – 20 mg | 200% RDA
  • Vitamin A (as Retinyl palmitate) – 16000 UI | 600% RDA
  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) – 4000  UI | 2000% RDA
  • Vitamin E (as D-Alpha-tocopherol acetate) – 72 UI | 400% RDA
  • Vitamin K2 (as Menachinon Mk7) – 150 mcg | 200% RDA
  • airtight PET bottle 150 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, natural medicine
  • preparation admitted to trading in the EU and the US
  • preparation is not classified as a pharmaceutical product in EU


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with food
  • during the day / before bedtime
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break


To support the immune system:
To improve physical performance:
To promote well-being:
To support vitality:

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