Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera

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Moringa is a tree that grows in Central Asia and India. It has strong antioxidant properties so it effectively helps to get rid of harmful free radicals. What is more, moringa stabilizes the glucose level in blood which makes it quite an effective support in a slimming diet. Additionally, it increases the activity of the immune system in the fight against pathogens, including viruses.


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Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera

Properties: Moringa is a tree popular especially in the natural medicine of India. However, it has been used as a raw herbal material in Europe and Africa as well. For years the extract of moringa has been used to counteract infections and various ailments of the digestive and skeletal systems. The health-promoting properties of M. oleifera are reflected in the common name of this plant. Moringa is often referred to as “the tree of life”. Why is it so? Could moringa really offer us longevity?  

Well, so far it is known that the active compounds found in the extract of M. oleifera do support the detoxification of the organism. They have antioxidative properties – meaning that they help to neutralize free radicals, which, in excess, can simply harm our cells. Moringa detoxifies the organism also by supporting the functioning of the liver. It helps to protect this important organ against damage caused for instance by a diet high in fats. As we all know, the good condition of the liver is a key factor that allows us to live longer and happier. After all, it is responsible for metabolizing toxins. Thus, its functioning determines how well our organism will deal with harmful substances.   

Traditional medicinal application of moringa now has gained the approval of modern researchers. They have gathered evidence that M. oleifera stimulates the immune system of the organism. First of all, it helps to increase the amount of white blood cells, which detect and destroy infectious dangerous microorganisms. What is more, moringa has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to limit the duration of inflammation and, in turn, prevent the development of multiple serious diseases. 

Noteworthy, the supplementation of moringa also benefits our cardiovascular system. The extract from this tree helps to lower the arterial blood pressure, as well as to stabilize blood cholesterol and glucose levels. These properties effectively support the prophylaxis of multiple cardiovascular system ailments such as atherosclerosis. Naturally, improved circulation of blood translates to better oxygenation of all bodily tissues. Thus, it is no surprise that moringa was so eagerly used by herbalists. The intuitive knowledge of these ancient doctors now gains approval in the scientific community. Research results clearly show that names such as “the tree of life” or “miraculous tree” are rooted in reality and definitely describe moringa’s properties accurately.

Occurrence: Moringa oleifera is an evergreen deciduous tree which belongs to the Moringaceae family. It is native to territories of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Usually, it grows in the tropical or subtropical climate, at an altitude of up to 2,000 m above sea level, on sandy and loamy soil. It prefers a temperature in the range of 18-28 degrees Celsius, but does not tolerate excess water and frost. The tree can grow up to 10-12 meters. The trunk is 20-40 cm wide and covered by white-gray, soft and fragile bark. Drooping branches form a loose, irregular crown, whereas light green elliptical leaves 30-60 cm long are arranged alternately. White, fragrant flowers are gathered in panicles. The fruits, on the other hand, are green, ribbed pods, 20-60 cm long.

Healthy properties of moringa have been appreciated already in ancient times – hence, its folk names: “the tree of life” and “miraculous tree”. This plant has been popular not only in India, but also in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Fruits, seeds, flowers and roots have been used as raw herbal materials. Traditional medical systems have recommended taking them to improve digestion, stimulate lactation, in the case of infections, rheumatism, inflammation or even chronic fatigue. Up until today, various parts of this plant are applied to enrich many food products – especially in African countries.

Biochemistry: Moringa fruits are rich in dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. The leaves contain significant amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, flavonoids (including quercetin and rutin), phenolic acids (including chlorogenic acid), alkaloids, saponins, tannins, carotenoids (including lutein and beta-carotene) and amino acids (mainly leucine, lysine, glycine, valine, alanine and arginine). Both fruits and leaves are a source of folate with high bioavailability, reaching 82%. In turn, moringa seeds contain plant sterols (including beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol), calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin E.

Fun fact: The taste of moringa roots resembles horseradish, which is why this plant is sometimes referred to as a “horseradish tree”.

How does Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera work?

Cleanses the organism: Research evidence demonstrates that moringa contains multiple biologically active compounds with antioxidative properties. Thus, the extract from this tree helps to remove free radicals – reactive molecules that could harm fragile cellular structures or even cause cancers. One of the mechanisms leading to this is the normalization of the enzyme glutathione transferase. This enzyme is involved in the production of glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant peptide secreted in the human body. What is more, moringa has hepatoprotective properties. In other words, it protects the cells of the liver from damage caused by adversarial factors such as a diet rich in lipids. The main function of the liver is neutralization of toxins. Therefore, good condition of this organ benefits the health of the entire organism.

Controls body mass: Biologically active compounds found in moringa prevent an uncontrolled gain of weight. Research with animal models has proven that mice treated with extract of this plant did not gain weight, even when they were on a high-fat diet. This is most likely due to the fact that moringa stimulates the cells of the body to absorb glucose from the bloodstream. In this way, it helps to normalize blood sugar level and prevents insulin resistance. Importantly, it also blocks the sudden jumps of blood glucose level and their result – the so-called binge eating. All these effects combined make moringa a precious ally of all people who aim at achieving and maintaining a fit and healthy figure.

Supports the immune system: Traditionally, moringa has been used to cure a variety of infections. Modern research studies have demonstrated the mechanism underlying this ancient observation. Namely, it has been proven that bioactive compounds found in moringa do limit the development of some bacteria and viruses – for example hepatitis B virus. Additionally, they stimulate lymphocytes B to produce antibodies which neutralize pathogens. Simultaneously, they limit the spread of inflammation that could otherwise harm tissues of the organism. In these ways, moringa efficiently supports the immune system in the detection and elimination of infections. 

Improves the condition of the cardiovascular system: Moringa benefits the cardiovascular system as well. It has been proven that it lowers the blood cholesterol level and normalizes the arterial blood pressure. Thereby, it supports the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. What is more, it might prevent the development of anemia by increasing the production of hemoglobin. In this way, it improves the oxygenation of all bodily organs – as the hemoglobin transports oxygen from lungs to tissues.

Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • extract 20:1 from the leaves of Moringa oleifera
  • steel measuring tool 0.60 ml ~ 430 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera?


  • 400 – 800 mg
  • 1 – 3
  • with or without food
  • during the day
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

How to stack Moringa extract 20:1 | Moringa oleifera?

To support detoxification:
To control body mass:
To support the immune system:
To improve general health condition:

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