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MACA + GUARANA is a synergistic composition of two natural ingredients that enhance libido and improve sexual performance. This recipe boosts energy by upregulating the activity of neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of motivation and satisfaction. Additionally, it improves cognitive capacity, especially in terms of learning and concentration.


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MACA + GUARANA formula properties

Since time immemorial, both guarana seeds and maca root have been used as ingredients in natural medicine of South American native tribes. Maca has gained enormous fame especially amongst the people inhabiting the area around Peruvian Andes, where it is commonly known as a “Peruvian ginseng”. Guarana, on the other hand, has been cherished by tribes living in the Amazonian regions. For centuries, those indigenous groups have collected the seeds of guarana to brew an invigorating elixir that not only improved energy levels but reportedly could also support vitality of the whole organism. Many health-promoting properties of these herbs have been carefully examined by the masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine who often incorporate them in their healing mixtures. So let’s dive in and see what the plants that make up this synergistic composition have to offer.

The extract of guarana provides a stimulating effect. It may deliver an energy that we often try to get with a cup of coffee. By the way, coffee and guarana seeds are related in some aspects. Both contain large amounts of caffeine, and thus they might bring more energy and motivation. What is more, guarana supports physical performance by increasing blood circulation. And since in this process smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa expand as well, it might be easier to achieve and maintain an erection. The extract of maca complements these properties very well since it improves physical strength by reducing the feeling of tiredness and accelerating regeneration of the organism after intense effort. On top of that, it is one of the most popular herbs that enhance libido. Maca not only improves erectile functions in men but also stimulates sex drive in women, hence the popular nickname “’female viagra”. Both ingredients of this synergistic composition benefit cognitive performance too. As they upregulate the activity of acetylcholine and dopamine in the central nervous system, the efficacy of information acquisition and processing increases. Therefore, the attention span becomes longer and the learning process – most likely easier. Simultaneously, both of these herbal extracts provide enough mental energy supplies to complete even demanding intellectual tasks.

MACA + GUARANA is a traditional combination of two South American plants that increase vitality and boost energy. This synergistic composition is dedicated to people who are active – both physically and intellectually. Additionally, it has a potential to enhance libido and thus can be used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women alike.

Ingredients of Maca BioSynergy™ formula:

Maca | Lepidium meyenii
  • extract 20:1 (400 mg / 2 caps.)
Maca is a plant that belongs to the group of superfoods because of its unique adaptogenic properties. It comes from the Peruvian Andes where it has been used by ancient Inks as a healing herb. Maca is a highly effective antioxidant that contains multiple vitamins (mostly from the group B), amino acids, micro- and macroelements and other compounds that have a positive influence on the human body. Moreover, maca stimulates libido and sexual functions. It’s nickname is actually “female viagra” but it can be effectively used by men as well. After the supplementation, they are likely to achieve erection faster and their sperm cells are produced more efficiently.
Guarana | Paullinia cupana
  • extract 22% caffeine (400 mg / 2 caps.)
Guarana is a popular vine species that occurs naturally in Central and South America. It has been used by native Amazon tribes (including indigenous Guarani people) in order to prepare a traditional beverage that exhibits stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. Guarana seeds contain high amounts of caffeine - it is estimated that even 2-3 times more than coffee beans. Because of that, the extract from guarana is commonly used as an ingredient in energy drinks. Research indicates that it positively affects the activity of dopamine - a key excitatory neurotransmitter that regulates motivation and pleasure. In effect, it helps to increase energy level and reduces fatigue. Besides that, guarana has been proven to support intellectual performance and cognitive skills, particularly attention and memory. It is worth mentioning that caffeine found in this plant affects the blood vessels facilitating blood flow so more oxygen and nutrients can be transported to all bodily tissues. That is why guarana is often used to enhance physical performance.

MACA + GUARANA formula benefits

Boosts energy: The extract of guarana contains plenty of caffeine topped with theobromine and theophylline. These compounds have stimulating effects, as they upregulate the activity of the brain’s key excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin. For this reason, the organism receives an additional energy portion that increases motivation to act and enhances physical performance. As caffeine helps to expand the blood vessels, the blood flow improves and muscle fibers receive increased amounts of oxygen. Maca also supports physical performance and helps to maintain a high level of energy by regulating the dopaminergic signaling in the brain. The results of clinical trials run with sportsmen have shown that already two weeks of supplementation with this herb significantly improve stamina and strength. This plant is thus a great support for physical capacity and muscle regeneration.

Improves cognitive capacity: Research evidence shows that the extract of maca root protects the nerve cells from free radicals and other harmful factors. What is more, it stimulates the mitochondria – cellular structures that provide energy to the entire cell. Thus, neuronal activity becomes optimized and so does our intellectual performance. Bioactive compounds found in “female ginseng” can support cognitive functions in other ways as well. Namely, they limit the activity of an enzyme that metabolizes acetylcholine – the key neurotransmitter involved in the functioning of memory and concentration. The effects of guarana are based on different mechanisms, however they involve similar neurotransmitter systems. Thanks to a high amount of caffeine and other purine alkaloids, this herb upregulates the activity of acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain, therefore improving the learning process. The results of clinical tests have shown that volunteers who had received guarana were able to achieve better results than the control group in the tests measuring short-term memory span, the ability to focus attention, and reaction times.

Enhances sexual performance: Indigenous peoples of Peruvian Andes for centuries have been using the root of maca as an aphrodisiac. Scientists have confirmed these ancient insights by means of clinical tests. Noteworthy, Peruvian ginseng has been found to enhance libido, gaining a nickname of “female viagra” although it can serve as an effective aphrodisiac for men too. Besides, this herb might serve as a support for male fertility. Not only does it boost sex drive, but also has a potential to increse the quality and density of sperm. Traditionally, guarana has been used to enhance sexual performance too, mainly because it has a stimulating effect that indirectly influences the desire for sexual activity. The results of scientific research show that the active compounds contained in the seeds of this herb improve blood flow to the private parts, thus increasing potency.

MACA + GUARANA formula specification


  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[800 mg / 2 caps.]
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

MACA + GUARANA formula usage

  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with or without food
  • in the morning / during the day
  • max. 3 – 4 times a week

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