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Hydrafinil is a nootropic compound that reduces fatigue related to sleep deprivation. It helps to be maximally focused and facilitates acquisition of new information by improving memory functions, especially working memory. However, it doesn’t lead to an excessive psychomotor agitation which is commonly caused by another popular stimulant – caffeine.


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Hydrafinil | Modatropil™

Properties: Eugeroics are compounds that work as mild stimulants. Their effects on the body are not acute and immediate  – they’re distributed over time. So, eugeroics rather overcome tiredness than cause excessive agitation. They were developed as a result of studies on narcolepsy – a disease that is characterized by excessive sleepiness – so above all they decrease drowsiness. Nonetheless, during the clinical trials it was proven that they also improve memory, cognitive functions and that they positively affect mood.

Modafinil is the oldest and the most well-studied eugeroic. It is created in the liver by conversion of its precursor – adrafinil.  However, the results of the latest studies on the mechanism of eugeroics functioning have indicated that the relevant and the most active compound belonging to this group is fluorenol – hydrafinil.

Most likely this compound is responsible for the regulation of dopamine balance, thereby for motivation and satisfaction from the completed task. Hence, that may be the reason why eugeroics positively affect mood – it’s pretty clear that we feel better when work goes smoothly and brings satisfaction. As hydrafinil isn’t necessarily converted to other compounds in the liver and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, effects of its activity are perceived much sooner than those of other eugeroics. However, it acts in the body for a short period of time. Will hydranifil become a successor of modafinil? It is not known yet, but studies are still continued.

Occurrence: Hydrafinil is not present in nature. It is a synthetic compound with nootropic properties. It has been tested by Cephalon Pharmaceuticals as one of the potential successors of modafinil.

Biochemistry: Hydrafinil (9-fluorenol, 9-hydroxyfluorene) is an organic chemical compound classified as an eugeroic: an agent that promotes wakefulness, reduces tiredness and increases energy. The mechanism of its action hasn’t been investigated yet. It’s an analog of modafinil but researchers suspect that it can be its precursor.

Fun fact: Hydrafinil is not a typical stimulant but an eugeroic. Its kick is gentle, distributed over time and wears off subtler than standard stimulants. Traditional agents that promote wakefulness, such as caffeine, increase physiological activity of the whole body. In contrast, hydrafinil gradually induces psychological alertness.

How does Hydrafinil | Modatropil™ work?

Increases energy level: Hydrafinil belongs to the group of eugeroics. According to research studies they increase activity of excitatory neurotransmitters. They gently inhibit dopamine reuptake. It means that they prevent the removal of dopamine molecules from the synaptic cleft so this neurotransmitter can act on the specific receptors for an extended period of time. It has been proven that they also indirectly increase the level of other excitatory neurotransmitters: noradrenaline and glutamate. Moreover, they support the production of hypocretin – a neuropeptide that promotes wakefulness. That way, eugeroics help to regulate alertness, reduce symptoms of sleep deprivation and increase energy level.

Supports cognitive functions: The results of scientific research indicated that eugeroics, by stimulating glutaminergic, adrenergic and dopaminergic activity, contribute to a significant improvement of cognitive functions. These compounds support the acquisition of new information and enhance learning. What is more, they increase the level of mental resources, which, in turn, benefits concentration and helps to resolve particularly demanding tasks. Research on the mechanisms of eugeroics’ action shows that fluorenol (Hydrafinil) is a product of the metabolism and is responsible for regulation of neurotransmitter balance.

Improves working memory: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is mainly responsible for maintaining optimal energy level and motivation. In addition, it has a significant role in the functioning of working memory. The optimal functioning of “operational memory” in the brain determines the ability to hold attention and to smoothly move it from one subject to another. Eugeroics increase dopamine activity so they are beneficial for concentration and so-called multitasking.

Enhances mood and motivation:  Insufficient dopamine or noradrenaline level commonly results in mood deterioration. Supplementation with eugeroics increases the activity of these neurotransmitters and that way helps to increase motivation. Dopamine is also secreted when stimulation of the “reward system” occurs. That is the reason why improvement of dopamine activity additionally enhances satisfaction from task completion. Moreover, it is proven that these compounds may help to increase serotonin level. This neurotransmitter is frequently called the “happiness hormone” because it is mainly responsible for psychological comfort.

Hydrafinil | Modatropil™ product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • hydrafinil 99%; pharmaceutical quality
  • steel measuring tool 0.10 ml ~ 30 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Hydrafinil | Modatropil™?


  • 25 – 50 mg
  • 1
  • without food
  • in the morning / during the day
  • 2 – 3 days a week

How to stack Hydrafinil | Modatropil™?

To increase energy level:
To improve intellectual performance:
To improve working memory:
To improve mood and motivation:

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