Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii

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Forskolin is the active compound found in Indian nettle plants. Research indicates that it is a good choice for those who want to reduce their weight and improve sexual performance. What is more, forskolin supports proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, enhances physical performance and helps to detoxify the organism.


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Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii

Properties: Forskolin is a compound found exclusively in Indian nettle – a plant that has been used for millennia in traditional medical systems of Africa, India, and South America. The results of modern scientific studies clearly confirmed that forskolin is entirely responsible for the benefits of Coleus forskohlii extract administration. What are these benefits exactly?

The most visible effect is the reduction of body mass. This effect is a result of accelerated metabolism of lipid cells induced by forskolin. Under its influence they begin to transform resources into energy that eagerly feeds the organism’s demands. Researchers have proven that even after a few weeks of regular supplementation the body weight drops by 25%. 

The next benefit applies only to the male half of the population, but will definitely be noticed by both genders. This is, of course, the ability of forskolin to improve the male sexual performance and stimulate the libido. On one hand, this substance increases the functioning of the testicles, which leads to higher testosterone levels (which directly translates to stronger libido) and better semen quality. On the other hand, it dilates the blood vessels, which increases the blood flow into cavernous bodies. As a result, it becomes easier to reach and maintain full erection – even if pharmacological treatment fails. 

This last effect of forskolin has another, more general meaning. The dilation of blood vessels leads to a decrease of blood pressure. It is important, since the majority of society struggles with hypertension. Other common health problems relate to the heart and the liver. Indian nettle extract can be helpful in these conditions too. It improves the blood flow in coronary vessels, which deliver oxygen and nutrients to the heart, thereby improving its functioning and preventing its diseases. Forskolin supplementation benefits the liver as it upregulates the secretion of multiple enzymes crucial for maintaining its proper health. Moreover, it supports the process of organism detoxification.  

There are many more traditional applications of C.forskohlii extract. Not all of them have been proven scientifically, and some may never be. Quite likely not all of them will be related to the presence of forskolin. Nevertheless, what we have learned already is more than enough to confirm the uniqueness of Indian nettle. And it is due to forskolin.

Occurrence: Forskolin is a biologically active compound present in Indian nettle plants. Indian nettle (Plectranthus barbatus; synonym: Coleus forskohlii) is a perennial plant from the Lamiaceae family. It is related to peppermint, salvia, and melissa, however its fragrance resembles camphor a lot. Naturally, it grows in subtropical terrains, especially in Southeast Asia and South America. In contrast to other plants from the Lamiaceae family, the main herbal material is the root. 

In the traditional Indian medical system – Ayurveda – this nettle has been used for over 3000 years as a remedy to a cardiovascular system malfunction (such as heart failure, arterial hypertension) or digestive tract ailments. Ancient Sanskrit scriptures mention it as a tonic for the body, especially the heart and lungs. Indian nettle has been also used in folk medicine of Brazil or tropical Africa.

Biochemistry: Indian nettle contains numerous biologically active compounds, which include: forskolin, barbatusin, plectrin, crocetin, dialdehydes, organic acids (including rosmarinic and betulinic acids). Its properties stem mainly from forskolin found in the plant’s root. From a chemical point of view, it is an organic compound belonging to the group of diterpenes. It is well absorbed from the digestive tract. In the organism it increases the level of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) – a nucleoside that is a signal transmitter in the cell. Thereby, it affects many biochemical reactions.

Fun fact: The Lamiaceae family also includes the Plectranthus glabratus plant. The popular name of this plant is “mosquito” because its strong smell effectively repels mosquitoes.

How does Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii work?

Helps to reduce body weight: Researchers have proven that forskolin supplementation increases the level of cAMP in the cells of fatty tissue. cAMP is a signal transmitter that stimulates cellular metabolism. As a result, the energy reserve previously stored in the form of fat is used up. In studies conducted with the participation of both women and men, it was proven that the use of Indian nettle extract for several weeks resulted in a reduction of body weight and a decrease of BMI values by up to 25%.

Improves physical performance: Forskolin increases concentration of cAMP in fat cells (adipocytes) and in muscle fibers. In effect, the production of proteins that build muscle cells is intensified, hence, the muscle mass can be expanded. In studies conducted on animal models forskolin turned out to be effective in facilitating signal transmission between muscles and the nervous system. In the central nervous system forskolin stimulates dopamine production and increases density of dopamine receptors which brings more energy and motivation. All of these effects combined make forskolin a great supplement that can be used before workout.

Improves potency: It has been demonstrated that forskolin affects the testicles and stimulates the production of testosterone. This is a similar mechanism to the luteinizing hormone (LH) produced by the pituitary gland, which naturally stimulates the secretion of the “male hormone”. Indian nettle successfully improves the potency as well. One of the studies was performed with participation of volunteers who were resistant to pharmacological therapy. The results demonstrated that forskolin supplementation allowed to increase penile stiffness and erection duration by over 60%. Moreover, it had a beneficial influence on sperm motility and viability.

Supports general health condition: Forskolin has a positive effect on the heart and the whole cardiovascular system functioning. It helps to relax the smooth muscles of blood vessels and lowers blood tension. It also improves blood flow in coronary vessels. Since forskolin prevents platelet aggregation, it effectively protects from blood clots and blocking of blood vessels. Indian nettle supports the liver as well. The active compounds from this herb help to metabolize toxic chemical compounds that are broken down in the liver protecting this organ from harmful factors. Forskolin intensifies synthesis of glutathione – one of the strongest natural antioxidants that neutralize free oxygen radicals. It has been proven that positive changes of forskolin supplementation start just after a week.

Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii product specification


  • powdered raw ingredient
  • extract from the root of Coleus forskohlii (>20% forskolin)
  • steel measuring tool 0.30 ml ~ 200 mg
  • airtight ALU-PET bag
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US

How to use Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii?


  • 150 – 300 mg
  • 1 – 2
  • with food
  • during the day
  • 6 weeks of using – 2 weeks of break

How to stack Forskolin extract 20% | Coleus forskohlii?

To facilitate weight loss:
To improve physical performance:
To improve libido and sexual functions:
To improve vitality:

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