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CISTANCHE + HE SHOU WU is a traditional composition inspired by ancient Chinese medicine. First of all, it efficiently supports the functioning of the immune system but also increases libido. Additionally, those two herbs promote vitality of the whole organism delaying the development of changes related to premature aging. What’s unique about this combination is the fact that it is excellent for good hair condition.


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He Shou Wu with Cistanche make an excellent combination of adaptogens. In traditional medicine systems of the Far East, these plants have been used to increase vitality since millenia. The practical knowledge of naturotherapists seems to confirm this ancient insight and shows that the supplementation with these herbs can prolong lifespan and improve health. The results of modern research studies have confirmed that each of these plants benefits the functioning of the organism in a slightly different way. 

In this special composition, desert ginseng and Chinese knotweed both support the functioning of the endocrine system and increase libido. More specifically, they improve male sexual performance by upregulating the production of testosterone and sperm cells. Additionally, they benefit general health and might even help to slow down aging processes. These effects stem from the antioxidative properties of He Shou Wu and the capacity of Cistanche to increase the activity of telomerase – an enzyme that repairs the DNA helix. Thanks to that, cells can divide longer, and therefore the regenerative abilities of the organism increase.

What is more, both herbs benefit the functioning of the immune system and keep pathogens in check. They intensify the activity of white blood cells, and therefore improve the immune reaction of the organism upon contact with dangerous microorganisms. On top of that, they have anti-inflammatory properties and thus prevent the spread of the inflammation as well as limit the symptoms of cold, common flu, and other infections. 

All in all, it should be no wonder why He Shou Wu is commonly called “black hair of mister He”. After all, black hair is a clear sign of longevity and vitality. On the other hand, Cistanche is often named “desert ginseng” because it shares many healthy properties with the common ginseng (Panax ginseng). In sum, this synergistic composition, especially when taken regularly, might significantly support vitality and improve the functioning of the immune system.

Ingredients of Cistanche BioSynergy™ formula:

Desert ginseng | Cistanche tubulosa
  • extract 50:1 (400 mg / 2 caps.)
Cistanche is an adaptogenic herb that has been known for centuries because of its health-promoting properties. It comes from China, where it is commonly called “desert ginseng”. C. tubulosa supports the immune capabilities of the organism, and can even prevent premature aging because it protects the DNA from damage and stimulates natural regeneration processes in cells. High content of biologically active compounds provides great support for the nervous system and physical performance. Cistanche regulates activity of nerve growth factor (NGF), and because of that it positively affects memory and learning abilities. Since C.tubulosa plants improve libido, they are often used as natural aphrodisiacs. They can raise the level of testosterone, which brings better sexual performance and facilitates muscle mass gain.
He Shou Wu | Polygonum multiflorum
  • extract 20:1 (400 mg / 2 caps.)
He Shou Wu is an adaptogenic plant that comes from the South-Eastern Asia. Its Chinese name can be translated as “Mr. He’s Black Hair”. According to the legends, He Shou Wu helps to increase vital energy and prevents premature aging. Hence, the black hair. Even at an advanced age. This herb has a multidirectional positive influence on the organism. It is a strong natural antioxidant, it regulates cholesterol level and supports the nervous system functioning. The root of He Shou Wu contains many active compounds, e.g. chrysophanic acid, anthraquinones and lecithin.

CISTANCHE + HE SHOU WU formula benefits

Slows down the aging process: Multiple factors affect how fast our organisms age. One of them is the presence of free radicals. He Shou Wu increases the capacity of our body to defend itself against these reactive particles. Crucially, it increases the concentration of superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is one of the most important enzymes that are able to neutralise them. The desert ginseng works against aging in a different manner. The results of scientific studies have shown that it increases the activity of telomerase. This enzyme repairs DNA strands that shorten each time the cell divides. Thus, Citanche increases the possible number of cell divisions, and in this way enhances the regenerative capacity of the body. Altogether, these effects positively influence our lifespan. Additionally, He Shou Wu benefits the condition of the hair and skin. Thanks to that, we can age well and maintain youthful appearance longer.

Regulates the secretion of hormones: The results of multiple research studies have confirmed that both He Shou Wu and Citansche gently yet efficiently support the libido. The first plant contains active compounds that regulate the functions of adrenal glands, including the production of androgens. The desert ginseng, on the other hand, directly influences the cells in the testicles and stimulates sperm production. Additionally, Cistanche improves erectile functions and the density of sperm. Therefore, the combination of these plants significantly improves sexual drive, with a special emphasis on male sexual performance.

Supports the nervous system: Cistanche tubulosa and He Shou Wu contain active compounds that protect neurons from harmful substances – they neutralize beta-amyloid that may lead to neurological disorders. This way, both ingredients of this synergistic recipe improve the condition of the nervous system, and thus support its proper functioning. In addition to that, Cistanche has been proven to prevent degeneration of neurons that produce dopamine – one of the key neurotransmitters that has an important role in cognitive functions. He Shou Wu, on the other hand, improves blood flow in arteries that supply oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain. Because of that, the neurons can work more efficiently.

CISTANCHE + HE SHOU WU formula specification

  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[800 mg / 2 caps.]
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with food
  • during the day / in the evening
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

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