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ALPHA-GPC + P-SERINE is a synergistic composition recommended especially for those who like to be active, either physically or mentally. First of all, it nourishes the brain’s cells and supports their metabolism, thus increasing efficiency of the central nervous system, particularly in terms of focus and creativity. What is more, this supplement positively impacts physical performance and accelerates muscle regeneration after workout.


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Alpha-GPC is the most efficient known source of choline – the precursor of acetylcholine. We combined it with phosphatidylserine which regulates the activity of this important neurotransmitter. As a result, we obtained a product that quickly and efficiently increases the speed of associative learning and creative thinking. Thus, it is an excellent support in times of prolonged or demanding intellectual effort. And that’s not all! Phosphatidylserine can also influence dopaminergic activity and thereby increase the level of motivation. Thus, our unique recipe might be helpful for those who wish to quit the habit of putting tasks off until later.

What about people who are physically active? After supplementation with this product, they will certainly notice the increase of muscle strength, regeneration capacity as well as general physical performance. P-Serine protects muscle fibres from damage, whereas Alpha-GPC stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. As a result, the supplementation with ALPHA-GPC + P-SERINE helps to complete longer training routines, after which the organism regenerates quickly. Thus, it can be considered a one of a kind synergistic composition that provides both the brain and muscles with cholinergic activity.

ALPHA-GPC + P-SERINE is a great combination that helps to increase acetylcholine activity in the brain. It will be a great choice for those who want to improve cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. We also recommend this preparation to people who are physically active since it stimulates natural recovery processes that occur after workout.

Ingredients of Alpha-GPC NooSynergy™ formula:

Alpha-GPC | Choline alphoscerate
  • complex 50% (500 mg / 2 caps.)
ALPHA-GPC is a phospholipid that naturally occurs in the nervous system. It is a great source of choline with high bioavailability. It is easily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and crosses the blood-brain barrier. Alpha-GPC supports proper functioning of the central nervous system by providing a precursor to the production of acetylcholine but also by regulating the activity of other neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine and GABA. Thanks to that, it helps to boost one’s mood. In addition, Alpha-GPC improves blood flow in the blood vessels of the central nervous system, which brings better oxygenation and more efficient functioning of neurons. Muscles are also affected by this phospholipid as it improves coordination of the whole body and stimulates the growth hormone secretion. That, in turn, supports good physical performance and regeneration, especially after an intensive workout.
Phosphatidylserine | AlphaSerine™
  • extract 50% (300 mg / 2 caps.)
Phosphatidylserine is a compound that naturally occurs in the human organism. It is one of the main phospholipids that build all of the cell membranes. The highest concentration of this substance can be found in the brain, particularly in the cortex and hippocampus, and that is why phosphatidylserine has great influence on the nervous system. Primarily, it improves efficiency of signal transmission between cells and regulates secretion of neurotransmitters as well as hormones. It affects the activity of acetylcholine, dopamine and noradrenaline - the substances that provide better mood, cognitive functions and motivation. Moreover, phosphatidylserine helps to reduce stress symptoms because it inhibits cortisol - the so-called “stress hormone”. In addition, this compound increases the intensity of alpha brain waves, which are associated with relaxation and mood stability.

ALPHA-GPC + P-SERINE formula benefits

Supports memory and concentration: The optimal activity of dopamine and acetylcholine is essential for our intellectual performance. The first of these important neurotransmitters is responsible for our ability to concentrate the locus of attention on a selected subject and then smoothly move it onto another one. In other words, the effective functioning of the dopaminergic system enables multitasking. Acetylcholine, on the other side, determines the speed of information processing and efficiency, with which new facts are associated with already stored pieces of knowledge. Research has shown that phosphatidylserine stimulates the activity of these neurotransmitters. Noteworthy, Alpha-GPC is one of the most potent sources of choline which is required to produce acetylcholine. Thus, the combination of these two ingredients effectively supports concentration, learning capacity but also helps to combat the tendency to procrastinate.

Regulates the nervous system: The brain cells require proper nourishment for the nervous system to function optimally. Oxygen, glucose and other nutrients are delivered to the brain via the cardiovascular system. Results of research studies have suggested that choline alfoscerate improves blood flow in the vessels that supply the central nervous system. Therefore, it optimizes neuronal functioning. Phosphatidylserine acts in a complementary manner because it simulates metabolic processes within neurons. Thus, brain cells not only receive more supplies but also exploit them effectively. The results of clinical tests have shown that the combination of Alpha-GPC and P-serine improves cognitive abilities, facilitates the assimilation of new information and increases the accuracy of tasks that require intellectual effort.

Improves physical performance: Beneficial effects of phosphatidylserine and choline alfoscerate encompass not only the nervous system, but actually the entire organism. Results of scientific tests have shown that they can even positively affect physical fitness as they increase muscle strength during training. On one hand, phosphatidylserine prevents damage to the muscle fibers from prolonged exertion. Thus, the muscle soreness is reduced, even after very intense exercise. Alpha-GPC, on the other hand, stimulates the secretion of growth hormone (GH). In this way, it enhances regenerative processes that occur after training.

ALPHA-GPC + P-SERINE formula specification


  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily unless advised otherwise by a professional
[800 mg / 2 caps.]
  • Alpha-GPC 50% – 500 mg
  • Phosphatidylserine – 300 mg
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, herbal medicine
  • ingredient admitted to trading in the EU and the US


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with a meal
  • in the morning / during the day
  • 6 weeks of using – 2 weeks of break

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