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ADAPTONIC™ is a natural adaptogenic composition that regulates the activity of main neurotransmitters bringing more physical and mental endurance. By influencing the adrenergic system (mainly dopamine and norepinephrine), it helps to increase the level of energy and motivation. In addition to that, this special recipe of 4 ingredients supports oxygen transport (on cellular level) as well as regeneration after physical activity.


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ADAPTONIC™ ORIGINAL formula properties

ADAPTONIC™ has been designed as a natural support for the body in situations of strong physical and mental stress. This synergistic combination of high quality herbal extracts is a great way to improve general stamina and physical capacity. Research indicates that the ingredients of our formula stimulate the immune system in the fight against infections. Besides that, ADAPTONIC™ has a wide range of properties that positively influence vitality. It contains herbs that have been found to support the circulatory system as well as the condition of the liver which helps to detoxify the whole organism.

Ingredients of ADAPTONIC™ Original (proprietary formula):

Panax ginseng
Ginseng is a very popular plant that has been known in natural medicine of the Far East for over 5000 thousand years. In Europe it gained popularity much later, in the 17th century, however, just 100 years later the prices of ginseng were even higher than prices of gold. It is one of the most renowned adaptogens - plants that have a multidirectional, positive effect on health. When used regularly, ginseng increases stress resilience but also supports proper functioning of the heart and the immune system. Ginseng can be considered a nootropic as it stimulates the metabolism of acetylcholine in the central nervous system, providing improvement of cognitive functions. The most important active compounds of ginseng are triterpenoid saponins called ginsenosides. This herb also contains many vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
Eleuthero | Siberian ginseng
Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), better known as a “Siberian ginseng” has a special place in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its adaptogenic and cardioprotective properties. It improves vitality and reduces stress symptoms primarily by supporting physical capacity of the organism. It also affects the activity of key neurotransmitters that are responsible for good mood, energy and motivation. What is more, eleuthero has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as it regulates blood pressure, supports proper functioning of the liver and lower cholesterol level in blood. All of these properties make the Siberian ginseng a great supplement for general health condition.
Schisandra chinensis
Schisandra sinensis, known as five-flavored berry, is an adaptogenic herb. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, it is as popular as ginseng. The active substances present in S. chinensis regulate the activity of mitochondria and the adrenergic system, which supports both physical and intellectual performance. Natural compounds of Schisandra stimulate acetylcholine activity which affects intellectual efficiency, attention and memory capacity. They also protect the kidneys and liver from damage caused by free oxygen radicals. At the same time, schisandra supports regeneration of hepatocytes - the cells that build the liver.
Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is an adaptogenic substance produced by bees. It is actually the main food for bee larvae and the queen. For centuries it has been considered an effective remedy that provides longevity and improves the overall condition of the body. Contemporary research actually proves that it has a positive influence on the cardiovascular and immune system. It also supports proper functioning of the liver, improves skin condition and increases physical endurance. The wide range of health-promoting properties is possible due to a rich composition of active compounds that can be found in royal jelly. It contains up to 25 amino acids, including those exogenic that need to be provided externally. There are also essential fatty acids and the 10-HDA acid that has antibacterial properties and supports neurogenesis.

ADAPTONIC™ ORIGINAL formula benefits

Improves physical performance: The synergistic formula of ADAPTONIC™ ORIGINAL is an effective support for general capacity of the body. Eleuthero improves the activity of monoamine neurotransmitters – particularly dopamine and norepinephrine – bringing more energy and motivation. Royal Jelly and Ginseng increase the level of testosterone – a natural, endogenous anabolic compound. Thanks to testosterone and other hormones, such as growth hormone, the muscles can get stronger. What is more, Schisandra supports the functioning of the heart and blood flow, so more oxygen and nutrients can reach all the tissues, including the muscles. Royal jelly, joined by Schisandra and Eleuthero, improves the functioning of mitochondria and stimulates the production of ATP – the main energy carrier in the cells – which helps the muscles to work more efficiently. Certainly, those ingredients will help physically active people to enjoy a longer and more intense workout routine. However, they will also provide positive effects during a recovery period. Royal jelly stimulates regeneration of the cells so ultimately it should be easier to get on feet. All in all, each ingredient of our formula has a beneficial influence on the whole organism but in a slightly different manner. In this combination they complement each other and provide a great support for physical endurance.

Supports the immune system: Chronic fatigue can be an important issue for the whole organism and it doesn’t affect the body alone. It also has a big toll on the mind and can be related to a total lack of mental energy. The immune system can get weaker, making gaps in our natural defense. The results of research studies indicate that ingredients found in our formula might be able to counteract those effects. There are numerous reports on a synergistic connection between Schisandra and Eleuthero. These 2 herbs effectively prevent the loss of immunity that can be caused by stress and physical exhaustion. They stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells that are necessary for a proper immune reaction and protect the body from harmful microbes. Those cells include lymphocytes B and T as well as macrophages or NK cells (that have but one main goal – to destroy abnormal cells, including tumors and cancers). Besides that, our herbal recipe can stimulate energy production in the mitochondria providing immune cells with more power to fight. Research indicates that ingredients of this natural formula effectively protect the organism from different harmful factors, including influenza virus. Importantly, they regulate cytokine release so that inflammation can have a beneficial effect on the body but does not spread too much. However, when the infection actually occurs, they can significantly shorten recovery time and help to regain full strength. This herbal duo is supported by another ingredient – Royal jelly. All of them contain numerous active compounds that are capable of destroying bacteria and viruses. And to top it off, let’s mention the last ingredient of this formula which is the true king of adaptogenic herbs – Ginseng. It has immunomodulatory properties and helps to maintain strong immunity, even in tough circumstances. Besides that, this herb stimulates the production of white blood cells just like the other herbs that we mentioned. What’s interesting, research shows that after a flu vaccine shot Ginseng might enhance protection by stimulating the production of antibodies and preparing the organism to fight a real threat when it appears. In sum, the ingredients of this formula will provide a comprehensive support for the major defense mechanisms.

Improves general health: All herbs used to prepare our special recipe are some of the most popular adaptogens that have been valued in natural therapy for quite a long time. The group of adaptogens consists of herbs that have a particularly wide range of health-promoting properties. Schisandra and Ginseng have a positive influence on the circulatory system. It has been proven that the first one helps to maintain a proper blood pressure by relaxing muscles that control blood vessels. Together with Ginseng and Royal jelly, it will help to control sugar level in blood by increasing cellular sensitivity to insulin and improving glucose intake in the cells. Ginseng and Eleuthero might be useful in terms of maintaining the proper lipid profile. As they reduce cholesterol, especially the LDL fraction that is considered to be the “bad” type of cholesterol, they are a valuable support in atherosclerosis prevention. In combination with Schisandra, they will protect the liver from harmful microorganisms and specific toxins, e.g. alcohol, since Eleuthero stimulates the enzymes that break down ethanol. Those ingredients counteract fattening and fibrosis of the liver, thus helping to keep this precious organ in a good condition. But in terms of detoxification and cleansing we should not forget about the role of kidneys. Ginseng and Schisandra support their functioning while protecting them from harmful substances and excessive inflammation. Interestingly, those adaptogenic herbs provide support for sexual functions as well. In this sphere of life Royal jelly and Ginseng are probably the most notable examples. They are able to improve libido for both men and women. Men will certainly notice improvement in terms of potency as this composition stimulates the production of testosterone – the main male sexual hormone. It is worth noting that those herbs can also slow down balding caused by androgenetic hair loss. For the ladies, it is important that our ingredients have been proven to stabilize the menstrual cycle. This pair of ingredients can increase the activity of female sex hormones – both Royal jelly and Ginseng stimulate estrogen receptors. Besides that, Ginseng prevents weakening of bones that might occur during menopause period. Yet there are even more health properties of this synergistic combination. All ingredients exhibit strong antioxidant effects. And one of the main mechanisms is the stimulation of glutathione release. Keep in mind that glutathione is one of the strongest antioxidant compounds produced within the human body. If we were to take all these effects into account, it is clear that our unique recipe not only is a valuable support for general stamina but it can also help to improve vitality.

ADAPTONIC™ ORIGINAL formula specification

  • herbal preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily or as advised by a professional
[800 mg / 2 caps.]
  • airtight PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, clinical research, natural medicine
  • product admitted to trading in the EU and the US


  • 2
  • 1 – 2
  • with food
  • in the morning / during the day
  • 12 weeks of using – 4 weeks of break

ADAPTONIC™ ORIGINAL formula stacking

To improve physical endurance:
To support the immune system:
To improve general health condition:

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