I guess I believe you, it’s just that you responded too quickly to my question, odd xD. Like how is it possible that you left a response 4 minutes after mine? You come here often? Anyways you seem legit at least from what I would gather in the response overall, plus there really isn’t a way for me to be sure anyway but as I said, you seem cool. I also read a few posts on reddit claiming that this shop is indeed legit, maybe except one guy that ordered something and the thing didn’t arrive, nor did he got the refund. But he might’ve been from a country that has strict customs and they may have possibly confiscated the products.
Yeah, it’s weird they don’t sell piracetam, I guess the only explanation I could think of is that it’s generally legal in a lot of countries (mine included) so they didn’t bother, in fact I have some piracetam myself currently. Overall I’ll probably order something and find out xD.